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Thread: Breaking News: YSU players and drug tests

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    Re: Breaking News: YSU players and drug tests


    1. I guess I am the only one who carries a roster to the games? Look at the stats sheet (coaches level) and look at the player participation list. Obviously Someone was missing from our return and WR corpse for 1/2 the game. A lineman was out the entire game (but I also know that he was injured), as was an uninjured starting TB that did not play and it was "a coaches decision" if you listen to the post-game. I have no issue with them keeping it nameless, as long as they acknowledge that it happened and the correct steps have been taken.

    2. Why does everyone think Tressel is involved in YSU athletics? He has not been officially involved since 2000& the rest was as a benefactor until his hiring as University President. Jim Tressel has ZERO to do with the day-to-day activities of YSU football, other than he usually signs the contracts that Ron Strollo (the AD and person who is actively involved in the day-to-day activities of the Athletics department) gives him to sign. Tressel can certainly question a contract, but that is not likely to happen. Yes, Tressel can and does attend every YSU game. My gosh he is amazing in that he attends everything YSU does. I just saw him in Columbus where he was being honored and meeting with the area alumni association to get mentors for the school freshman from the Columbus area. Assuming it is an open practice, he can even go in the locker-room, talk to the team, watch practice just like any other employee. He could probably even comment on players and make recommendations ...but that would probably violate the "spirit" of the law. Something that he simply would not do. He is no Saint, but he is no idiot and a quality president ...much better than I would have ever thought. Is he cheating their as well . I also think he is still under NCAA order until next year.

    3. The rules are clear for substance use/abuse and distinguished from performance enhancing stimulants. If this is weed, then the NCAA will likely turn it over to the school with or without recommendation. If it is performance-enhancing drugs then we are all "out of our leagues" to even begin commenting. The latter is doubtful.

    4. This has almost nothing to do with weed. These kids violated the law and let their team down there anymore to say that is not some attempt to politicize this topic or spread unfounded, unintelligent and unwarranted hatred for YSU employees? Furthermore the violators should be lucky that it happened in a random school-program test, or it would be a legal matter staying with them the rest of their lives. As yu see in the last post before this one. I am amazed that they would let so many people down and they knew there was mandated testing and STILL did it. It is simply a question of character and brains.

    So much for my Sudso commercial. All of this being said, let's move on and see how we can game plan for EWU not looking promising for even NE Ohio and Eastern Washington residents. Not to mention the 30+ players that attend YSU from the South and SoCal.

    On a more personal note, I am so very proud of this club and all of the issues (and QB's) they have gone through this season, they have exceeded my expectations, but not their own. They are certainly not finished yet.
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