Huge game for the conference race, playoff seeds, and everything else. Should be a crazy atmosphere with it being Hobo Day in Brookings. Both teams coming off of emotional last minute theatrics and are banged up in different ways.

SDSUs defense has shown flashes of being good and then many times of being bad. Meanwhile the YSU offense hasn't shown to be able to do much other than run the ball. YSU has a great defense against the run, and a talented defensive line that will give the Jacks offensive line a challenge for the second week in a row. Will Bo be able to come up with an answer for the Jacks three headed monster on offense? Will SDSU finally win a Hobo Day game for the first time after losing four in a row? SDSU also has a history of laying eggs when they get ranked in the top ten. Should be a fun one with 19,000 in attendance or I will be disappointed.

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