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To bring the YSU guys up to date -- I predicted over on the YSU site two years ago that Wells would never start for 4 years at YSU as he wasn't a QB for this level. He'll transfer soon and not play this year. Second, I also predicted Mays would never play at YSU as he wasn't very good either and would only play if YSU had poor QBs left and now, as the 4th string and scout QB, here he is playing after Wells is out, Hosick is injured for the year and Davis got hurt. I still expect Davis to play, if healthy. However, prepare for the roof to fall in if Mays plays a lot of QB . You will get to see with your own eyes why I rated him badly two years ago. Monty isn't that big of a magician. Also, while I projected YSU to finish 6-5 this season, they have been decent on D, winning the UNI game based on that. Moving forward, I look for SDS & NDS to beat them. YSU is now totally dependent on its D carrying them and thats a tall order. Monty will probably put in a Wildcat package, but I suspect the O is in the crapper the rest of the year. Look for the annual YSU collapse starting this week. And I'll be on later to remind folks about my previous recruiting predictions which are also starting to bear fruit. Next year looks ugly.
You are the worst fan ever, so who is going to take seriously anything you say? Any time that you wish I will be happy to copy what you have said in the past. You said Mays would never see the field for YSU and then you said he would never take a snap for YSU ...no qualifiers Nostradamus. Wrong as usual. I might also point out that Mays came in and took a team behind by 10 ...and won the game. Was he the second-coming of Montana or Unitas? No, but he did his job. Furthermore you should credit coach Montgomery for his 3rd-string QB being able to step in a run the offense. Every year is "going to be ugly" ....what is on the B-side of your single?

Also Nation ...Wells was too one-dimensional? He is drop-back passer and BY FAR the best passer on the team. Was their ever a more one-dimensional QB than Davis last year? This year he has an offense designed around him & it works. Wells is smart. He will graduate early, gain a year, then use his red-shirt this year. He will have two years to play. In fact if he graduates, I think he does not need to step down to D-II. Any experts out there on what happens if a player graduates early and also still has a year of eligibility left?