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Dude, based on what? Best in both FBS and FCS? What hard stats can you offer to support that outrageous claim? He's not, nor has ever been, even the best in the MVFC.

Oh yes, this coming from a guy who complained about an OC averaging almost 36-points just a couple years ago because he scored most of it in the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters? In fact to stop your pending BS, let's go ahead and say he scored nothing in the second half. Who cares when we scored that amount of points? If you cannot win games with that offensive production your team has problems, which are not on offense. God forbid you say something about a defense that could not hold our opponents below that. You still send out the same old crap and you find a few fools that seem to believe you and you are what 2-points ahead in the national polls? Now something with the name Pelini on it and it is Golden. Just like president Tressel is secretly guiding our team back to past greatness. You just crack me up. Then you turn a sports thread into some sort of political rants ...for the 8-millionth time ...as if any of us give a rat's behind about your political or spiritual leanings. Listen Coach Heacock had defenses this good almost every year when he was head coach & we saw the post-season 1-time. All because he tried to hang on to the style of his former boss. Most of the people on this board have no idea who Tressel is outside of the former coach at Ohio State ... and the Pelini's are just former big time coaches on a big redemption tour. Stop hanging on names and look at production. Then hope that WVU is indeed the best offense that we will face in 2016 and my fear are just the rantings of a stupid old fan.