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    Quote Originally Posted by ytownchief22 View Post
    Still spewing the same stuff just like on your other site. Jesus....
    Guess that makes you one of those that I am talking about doesn't it? This 2016 ...not 1976 ...get over it ... I did when I lost my hair. What is he matter cannot tell that there is more running plays than off-tackle and outside? IF we are spreading the ball or in a wing-T ...I will be in the stands.

    As to the turn of this into a non-football conversation, now I remember why I stopped posting on here in the first place. What a combo: drugs, sex, politics ... no football and no moderator ...LOL


    Here is proof of everything I said about beating YSU:

    yet Pelini's defense is unstoppable? Even Robert Morris did that against us and they were 0-3 and had not scored a TD until that point. Every big pass play against corners not looking. Then when we had designed blitzes, WVU ran it down our throats. Then you complain out our offense even though it was 24-21 at one point early in the 4th-quarter.
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