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Just a few things:

First of all, YSU's OC is very welled-liked by people on and off the field. Bo probably did not like being told he had to keep him, but Bo also realizes he is one of the top OC's in all DI (yes all). It is safe to say that Bo has never had as talented an OC in his HC career. There are a few people on the YSU board that think if they say something, that makes it so. Say I am from Youngstown, the home of smash-mouth football, so the spread is not my friend either. However this is 2016, so if we are going to spread it, then we have the right man for the job. We need to stop confusing a lack of execution, with play-calling. I am glad to see that Monty has added back more complexity to his offense. Wolford had Shane calling-in high-school plays, when he has the deepest play book in the nation. Last week, the man took a spread offense and shifted to almost an "i" formation with QB under center and finished off USD's d-line. He will go from 2nd-down and 5-ball carriers on the field to 3rd-down and 5-receivers. How can you not respect that at the I-AA/FCS level?
Dude, based on what? Best in both FBS and FCS? What hard stats can you offer to support that outrageous claim? He's not, nor has ever been, even the best in the MVFC.