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    Just a few things:

    First of all, YSU's OC is very welled-liked by people on and off the field. Bo probably did not like being told he had to keep him, but Bo also realizes he is one of the top OC's in all DI (yes all). It is safe to say that Bo has never had as talented an OC in his HC career. There are a few people on the YSU board that think if they say something, that makes it so. Say I am from Youngstown, the home of smash-mouth football, so the spread is not my friend either. However this is 2016, so if we are going to spread it, then we have the right man for the job. We need to stop confusing a lack of execution, with play-calling. I am glad to see that Monty has added back more complexity to his offense. Wolford had Shane calling-in high-school plays, when he has the deepest play book in the nation. Last week, the man took a spread offense and shifted to almost an "i" formation with QB under center and finished off USD's d-line. He will go from 2nd-down and 5-ball carriers on the field to 3rd-down and 5-receivers. How can you not respect that at the I-AA/FCS level?

    Secondly, Carl Pelini is now the DC. YSU's d-line is weak, so we put everyone up front. All UNI has to do is watch the WVU game to see how to beat us. Simply throw the ball down field. The WVU QB threw 4 TD passes and 3 of them were at 38-yards or above. To Carl's credit, he is blitzing on almost every play and most of the time, receivers are not getting that deep on us. However, that leaves us very susceptible to a big back. Carl's middle and secondary really jam hard on the receivers, but we had 9-penalties last week. I feel like I am watching a MEAC or SWAC team at times.

    Davis is a good QB, but he is only in his first year and plays like it. He is not what I would call a running QB. He is a drop-back passer that can run when needed. At his size if he was a true running QB, he would be playing at Clemson or one of the teams from the old Big East. He probably does need to call his own number a bit less, but coach Shane lets his QB's call the plays so if he sees a chance he takes it. Last week I liked Davis' use of Webb. As soon as Webb got into the flat, Davis waited for an LB to move over into coverage and then tucked the ball and ran. This week I would like to see Davis hit Webb a few times as UNI will be game-planing for that "keeper".

    As mentioned, YSU has a small, but effective FB this year (McCaster) youthful and deliberate in style. He is always going to get positive yardage. Ruiz seems to be playing more like his old self, but I really think that injury is somewhat permanent and we have to accept the fact that he is at about 85%-90%. Since he is capable of being the top all-around (rushing and receiving) back in the nation, that is not too bad. I feel that getting Webb into the flat is key against UNI. once he breaks free, he is the fastest man on the field.

    Special teams coverage was very good last week, but has been a weakness. The kickers are solid, probably the best in the conference. We had a really hard time turning the field in Q3 last week ...that cannot happen again. I really fault the O-line on much of that.

    Bo is not really 'Bo' this year. I am concerned that the natural hatred for him (by the men in stripes) will come to haunt us. Look at WVU, the very first time Bo opened his mouth, the official flagged him within a couple of seconds. Baring directed language, that should have been a sideline warning ...then the yardage if it happened another time. However, Bo is a quality local product and we need to be happy we have him. Even though I have concerns about bringing Carl on to the staff in the first-place, now that he is here ...he is finally where his talent needs to be .. as DC.

    I see a good game, but this one should be lopsided way or the other. Considering YSU has what 1-win against UNI in the last 20-years? Money has to go on the Panthers. YSU needs to win field position, as UNI does have a good record in the red-zone. This will be tough as UNI will have the best return teams (both punt and kick) that YSU has faced. Baily is only 60 of 128; however he only has 1 INT, while Youngstown QBs have given up 5. These teams are #1 and #2 in 1st-downs allowed, yet neither is in the top half of the conference in 1st-downs gained. So why am I predicting a lopsided game?
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