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    SoCon next year

    I am honestly interested in thoughts from fans of each team.. OBJECTIVE thoughts. I don't know everyone's team (who is graduating??). So I am looking for help here !!

    please correct me where I have mistakes !! I need your help on each team !
    ill come back later w more detail.

    top three teams?

    WOFFORD - returns Everyone on OL. Both QBs return. Pretty scary for SoCon Defenses !
    UPDATE w transfer QB - "As many as three quarterbacks could see action under center for the Terriers in 2019.. Joe Newman is the returning starter... For now, he’s the leader in the clubhouse, although Appalachian State transfer Peyton Derrick and talented redshirt freshman Jimmy Weirick will also likely figure into the mix"
    Significant graduations for Wofford include: HB SPEED Lennox McAfee and FB TOUGH RUNNER Andre Stoddard on offense but that's all I think ... Those are top two runners though.
    They Lose CB Domonique Lemon, CB Devin Watson, S Jojo Tillery. ** so they lose 3 out of 4 starters in D backfield
    DL will miss Miles Brown big time but they get Horton back who is great. They do lose 2 of Front 3 on DL as Zamary graduates also in addition to Miles Brown. Still Horton makes up for a lot of that. They lose only one LB out of 4 ( basically run a 3/4) in Hinton at ILB so LB should be a strength.
    Keys for Wofford next year look to be RBs and defensive backfield. Looks like middle of run defense will be stout again w Horton coming back from injury. Wofford returns a lot (all OL) of players for a SoCon champ
    Wofford fans - thoughts?

    FURMAN?? Obviously the team I know best
    I hope you all give me this detail on your teams. We may take a one year step back. DEPENDS ON QB. Big time! Prior regime left us Blaze and Roberts who was a career backup but did Wonderful this year. But they left us No QBs as junior or sophomore really. So Hendrix had to get a QB quick - my GUESS is Grainger who the coaches are very high on but he only played ONE year of high school QB! That's Scary inexperienced. Missing three years of high school vs a regular guy. Dude Is really talented but loose with the ball - tends to fumble... Other options are Hamp Sisson - probably more polished right now than Grainger? Grainger maybe more raw talent. **NEW is a transfer QB from MTSU who MTSU had at WR (so quite athletic) but wasn't going to be their QB. So he is coming to FU in June to try to be a QB. 3 star guy? Not that stars always mean much. But clearly if MTSU (and GTech looked at him) took him he is a mid-level FBS athlete. OL returns ALL 8 guys and given another year of Hendrix training should be ok/good. Long term need more Hendrix-recruited guys on OL as he wants a different type of OL. Only lose 4 guys on O. These 4- QB Roberts and RB Dirks ... and TB Morehead had to quit because of injuris . All OL and most WRs and RBs return (one starting WR Cam Burnette left team too).
    On D we will miss Jaylan Reid at DT. And Anoor at Safety. Both were all conference and 30 starts+. That will hurt. LB I feel good about. You all know Hope led FCS Nation in sacks as freshman - despite playing only 10 games!. McKoy is a killer. And we saw our LBs hold Wofford and Citadel to 14 points and 17 points respectively. ***What we are needing to work on is pass defense !! Need to improve there - we have pass rush, need better coverage
    *update*. LB ( pass rush) Adrian Hope was Fourth in Jerry Rice vote for best freshman in country. Voted Freshman AA by Hero Sports too

    ETSU? Can they repeat this years run of one score wins ? Sanders looks to be doing good things there which is main thing. Good coaching is priority 1 !!!
    How many key guys graduate? I know Henrik was a BIG part of success and he graduates. *Question number one is replacing Henrik at QB!! both QBs graduated.
    UPDATE **WELL ETSU went and got two FBS transfers at QB. Coastal Carolina guy w one year eligibility. Coastal guy "Coastal Carolina transfer and three-star recruit out of high school, year of eligibility remaining, ...appeared only sparingly in three games for the Chanticleers last season. He was rated the #47 quarterback in the NATION by 247Sports coming out of high school. AND ETSU got a Miami FL transfer who enters as a RSo so he will have three yrs left and he played in four games at Miami and started one game. He has to have raw talent to even start one game at Miami
    Quay Holmes returns at RB and is very good !
    **update* Quay Holmes won Freshman AA awards from Hero Sports
    How many OL graduate- just one! Though he was a great Center so it will hurt a little. So they return 4 out of 5 OL.
    Nasir Player returns on DL and is a very good one.. top 3 in conference
    ETSU fans - I need your help !?

    Middle teams? I don't know. Just guessing at 'middle' vs top. Don't be offended

    MERCER - Return two Great QBs who were gimpy this year. Riddle and Riley. Bobby Lamb said Riddle was the best QB he had ever had since Ingle Martin at Furman.. that's high praise as he has seen a lot of QBs. That's scary. I would think they have the best QB / QB depth in the conference next year. MERCER WAS JUST SO BEAT UP LAST YEAR (that is the summary of 2018 for them). Great RB returns huge load - 5'8" 233 Lb Devezin. He is a load. OL looks good and returns 4 of 5 starters. only offense where they will hurt is that the WR corps suffers big losses - Irvin, Houzah and walker. Pretty big losses there.
    Defense. Edge rushing losses are big - Losing Buehler and Wysor at DE will hurt .... Buehler was a strong pass rusher. Lose all 3 OLB including all-conference LeMarkus Bailey. So they lose both DE and all starting OLB. Pass rush will be a question mark for them. Stopping the edge runs of option teams may be an issue when you lose all your DEs and all your OLBs ??
    Special teams. Losing Irvin on PR and Houzah on KOR will hurt. Mercer was very very good at KOR and PR in 2018. Though one guy - Durden - returns.

    CITADEL - Return 4 OL from 2018 - though the one they lost was a great one - name?. New QB, Rainey, showed a lot of promise at end of 2018 vs last few teams on schedule. All backs return. So O should be good and much improved. D only loses 4 guys though they were key guys (whole summary sounds a lot like Furman really - returns almost entire O, lose a few but KEY D guys ). D loses great LB Dawkins and top DB Spann. Also lose good DL Allen and another LB Hubbs. Citadel could be moving up in SoCon with so few losses on O
    ( * UPDATE *On Monday, Sam Houston State running back Remus Bulmer -- one of the top returning career rushers in the FCS -- reached out to HERO Sports and said he is going to sit out the rest of 2018 and will take his redshirt this year, then look to play his senior season elsewhere in 2019.-
    he is coming to Citadel for Senior season )
    ( *UPDATE -
    Citadel football adds transfer linebacker:
    The Citadel has added a transfer linebacker who will be eligible for the 2019 football season, coach Brent Thompson announced Wednesday.
    Airan Reed is a graduate-student transfer from Southern Illinois and will have one season to play for the Bulldogs.
    UPDATE*. OL Haas (center?) and punter Campbell voted Freshman AA form Hero sports !

    SAMFORD - where will they be without Gooden on D and Hodges and McKnight on O ?? NOT a smack. But you have to,wonder. I think all 3 of those guys signed UFA contracts with the NFL! I'll put em 6th? Shelling - great WR returns. Samford does have several good freshman playing on D this year. Samford does return a lot on OL - 4 or 5 guys.
    New QB is probably Oladokun he "transferred to Samford from South Florida and will have two seasons of eligibility remaining. He started three games for the USF Bulls last season, and played in six. Dual threat?? - not sure on that. Three-star recruit according out of high school. He received scholarship offers from: Nebraska, Temple, Iowa State, Bowling Green, Georgia Southern, South Alabama and Toledo so he has talent.
    Samford fans who else returns and who graduates?

    Bottom ??

    CHATTANOOGA. I put them here because now it's coaching turmoil. All 2018 offensive coaches are gone. Talent wise they have some for sure. But they had talent this past year and had no offense.
    on O - Tiano QB and WR Nunnely and RB Price return....
    How many OL return? All. 5 ! Though the OL really struggled in 2018
    LOSSES - Kareem Orr graduated and he was a great DB !
    But on the DL the two killers - Mack and Mahaffey are both gone. That's a big loss - so HUGE defensive losses
    UPDATE *** Arth is gone to Akron. - Chatt now hired new HC Rusty Wright who was an assistant at Georgia State. Used to play for Chatt

    WCU. Tyrie Adams is awesome. Maybe best singular player in SoCon ..
    But 4 of the OL starters graduate. That's gonna hurt !
    Owen Cosenke Is a very good TE (all-conference level)
    Can they finally improve on defense ??
    **update Ronald Kent at DB won freshman AA from Hero Sports
    WCU fans. Some help here ?

    VMI - I give them credit for playing tough this year. So close. Air raid can always upset someone. Came within 2 points of Citadel and Western. Strong QB and WR corps. QB Udinski is legit. But he doesn't have enough team help.

    bump. I updated with the 5 SoCon guys that won freshman all America awards. Continue to update w transfers etc.
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