A new report from the Concussion Legacy Foundation that is based on more than a dozen previously completed concussion studies cites a specific link to concussions and the playing surface. This isn't a surprise for those of us who watch football, we see guys heads hit the turf all the time. But it does bring up some questions that end up largely overlooked in most concussion discussions (Link to the article):

1. Is your school keeping up with the maintenance on your new turf field?
2. Are the grounds keepers following the "owners manual" to make sure it lasts as long as it is supposed to?
3. How many turf fields are being used past their recommended life spans?

At Lafayette these issues were brought up by the fans after another season with a huge number of serious injuries as the turf nears the end of it's recommended life. Is this viewed as a problem other places? Is there a school in conference where you see a noticeable drop off in field quality?