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1. clenz is a big meany.

2. Our guy is the greatest.

3. We've been robbed all season by the refs.

4. Everyone hates us.

5. It's a conspiracy.

1. Not at all. Never said anything of the sort. If I did an "ass" would be more like something that I would say.
2. Never said any such thing either. Don't much care for the man at all, but as long as he is here at a price we can afford, good for us.
3. No, but have not been helped either. Love how the ILS fan assumes that is one of the game that I was talking about, that is how obvious it was, and yes, the batting was not a foul, just placement.
4. Not at all. They are all happy (aside from SDSU) that they will not have to face YSU in the post-season.

As far as having all off-season to stew??? Heck, I was not even simmering by the snap of the ball on next play & could care less now. Your absolute ignorance of the game FCS is what caused me to post.