First of all …Clenz… what concern is any of this to you? Don’t feed me any crap about your “holier-than-thou” concern for the game of I-AA/FCS football (you will have to excuse any of my typos as I am on a kneeler with my right-hand beating my chest). This is not the first, or the second, but the 3rd-game this season where unbelievable calls have been levied again YSU, by MVFC officials. It started long before Pelini. That being said, if the officials had any worries about leaving the field …excuse me but some of that crew is local, so we do know where they live. J
Secondly, the hiring of Bo Pelini was a “freak occurrence” and it is not as if any (I mean any single) other FCS program has ever been able to hire a head coach of this caliber …you would be “tooting your horns” as obnoxiously as NDSU does their team. On top of the hiring of our head coach …our university president (a 2nd-generation Hall-of-Famer that you worthlessly try to defame) saw 10 post-seasons at the I-AA level, along with an equal number at the IA/FBS level. He took YSU to 6 national championship games in 10-years. The then he propelled Ohio State to the most dominant team in the big-10, seeing another 10 post-seasons. The only conference team close is Michigan State, coached by another former YSU Penguin. Along the way, JT gave the Buckeye fans their first national championship since 1969 and brought FCS/I-AA more attention than it has ever had. Despite all of this, Jim Tressel has VERY LITTLE to do with YSU athletics. Bo Pelini is the top hire in the history of the division and Jim Tressel is the perfect hire as President; this could never do anything but help YSU. It really does not matter to me if any of you would let your kids play for Bo, as most every other parent with kids that play at this level would love to have their kids play for a team coached by Bo. If you are going to jump up on the box of Sudso, say something about the hiring of Carl Pelini, as he is the Penguin defensive coach.
To the game/play in question, there is no such thing as tight coverage (ANYWHERE) where there is not poking and grabbing. The defenders could not turn their head any other way and then it would be a penalty. That was probably one of 2-dozen times it happened that game alone on both sides. Yet it was the only time that PI was called. I do not mind umpires having their own strike zone, but you have to be consistent in the calls. Also, where was the call was when basically the entire NDSU line jumped after the center snapped the ball early? Heck, the QB was not even ready to accept the exchange and he dropped the ball, so it is not as if the False Start was even questionable. So not only was that interference call crap, it should not have mattered. Even the NDSU announcers saw it and commented.
Also, that NDSU coach was keeping his offense on the sidelines after every single play that resulted in clock-stoppage & trying to “sneek” in different players …not a single call against them for illegal substitution even though YSU was not given any opportunity to sub-out. A Youngstown high-school would not stoop to such low-end coaching. The one time that Pelini (Carl) held the defense to try and counter this; the officials gave YSU a sideline warning, as he had to blow his whistle a 3rd-time. So since NDSU was on the sidelines even longer, why were both sides not given a warning? I am not even going to get into the time where the NDSU receiver stepped out-of-bounds or the facemask; as camera angles can look funny and maybe the head turned just before the grab …but these two are also more than questionable “no-calls”.
This type of officiating is just too flagrantly poor to just to be explained-away as “mistakes”; this is supposed to be DI collegiate football. The average fans may not have any idea how the game is supposed to be played; but if you want to pull this in Youngstown, you are going to hear about it. Call plays and violations fair!!!

All of this being said ...on to the Trees.