But what happened from there was so typical Pelini it may as well have been the 2009 Big 12 championship game,Nebraska’s 2010 visit to Texas A&M, a Huskers safety catching a finger to face against Penn State in 2012, his meltdown against Wisconsin in 2014 or any of the other tantrums he threw over the years. In fact, after the play-by-play announcer says he’d never seen a scene like this, the color analyst quips, “Nebraska fans have.”
Consider the following:

  • After the flag, Pelini loses focus so badly he allows North Dakota State to burn 35 of the final 70 seconds despite holding two timeouts in his back pocket.
  • Pelini can be seen mouthing “****ing coward” to an off-camera official.
  • Before starting the ensuing possession at its own 30-yard line, Pelini draws an unsportsmanlike conduct call, pushing the Penguins back to the 15.
  • The TV sideline reporter relays the officiating crew has become so uncomfortable with the environment with the Stambaugh Stadium environment they’ve requested a police escort off the field.
  • After two incomplete passes and a sack, Pelini draws another unsportsmanlike conduct flag.
  • We don’t see it on camera, but the color analyst says Pelini bumps an official.
  • After Youngstown State’s final heave falls incomplete, Pelini chases toward two more officials for some additional barking before shaking NDSU head coach Chris Klieman’s hand.

To recap: that’s 35 seconds and 19 yards (which would have been 30 if YSU wasn’t already so backed up from its first 15-yard flag) Youngstown State has to make up because of its head coach. Yet after the game, Pelini unironically states, “I wish the kids could have decided the game.”