Too may unqualified comments here to his them all:

- Akron would be quite dominant initially, then it would taper off.
- The population of Ohio is not what I am speaking of, being #14 on a list of 14 D1team means we have no money. The state of ND may not have as much money, but who cares when it is all going to 2-schools? You get your share ...LOL.
- As far as the conference not needing another far east team in Akron. Well, YSU was in the GFC/MVFC before any of the Dakotas, and few of us wanted teams from that far west. Besides, if Akron leaves will a few other teams, including Kent. So how about 2 more far east teams?
- Penguin fans wearing Buckeye gear to a YSU game should be shot. Nothing eats at me more. My daughter graduated from tOSU & neither of us would ever wear Buckeye gear to a game at the Ice Castle.