First of all. The MVFC (especially NDSU) fans need to get a grip on reality. Those two things below your pe*** are not egos. Your conference would be nothing if it was not for YSU. You brought in a team that had just been in 4 of the last 5 national championship games ...winning 3 of those. They gave your conference credibility. Prior to YSU admission, the GFC never saw an at-large bid. YSU then proceeded to play in the national championship again in 1997 and 1999; that is twice in their first 4-years in the conference. So just who do you think you are kidding? That is old new, so I guess more of an education for the younger folks on the board.

-More education. There are 14 DI schools in the state of Ohio, only 2 of them are I-AA, the rest are IA.

-YSU fans do not like the MVFC, never have. The reason YSU fans do not like the MVFC has nothing to do with UNI or any specific teams in the conference is because they feel like the university "settled". All of YSU's close rivals went to the MAC or IA independent. This includes Akron. In 1994, the MAC made an offer to YSU, as they half-heartedly always did; only that time they sent over an agreement to back it up. The agreement had a 30-day no-fault resignation clause (so YSU or the MAC could back out at and time up to 30-days) and when Marshall did not get their CUSA bid, they accepted the MAC offer and YSU's consideration for membership was dropped on day-30 of that agreement. This is how it went down, I was in the Athletic office with the members of the committee when it happened. Simply put, the MAC wanted Marshall, but Marshall wanted CUSA. The GFC wanted YSU, but YSU wanted the MAC. CUSA rejected Marshall and the MAC rejected YSU both "settled".

-Akron and Kent State both have trophy games with YSU, the schools are all well within an hour of each other. Then when the MAC teams began to diminish in stature, the conference passed a rule that no team can play a lower-division team "on-the-road". Well this was a direct stab at YSU, who had shared home games for decades with MAC schools. How would you like it if you could no longer play your chief rivals at home?

Yes every red-blooded Penguin fan wants to play Akron every year (but every other year at home) Yes, YSU fans want to play all of the close schools ...Akron, Kent State, Bowling Green, Toledo, Pitt, Penn State, Ohio State, Marshall, West Virgina. These schools are all a few hours, or less, from Youngstown.

As the crow flies ...YSU fans can make it to over half of the CAA conference schools before it gets to their closest MVFC school. YSU simply has no rivals in the MVFC & yes you are right, they probably do not want any. Now if YSU were in the MVC, then things might be a little different.