First let me say I'm throwing up in my mouth a little...

Looks like a former angry employee now legislator is trying to merge UCA into the Arkansas State University system. I'm sure neither school wants that but if they do what will that mean for UCA athletics? Will the football team go FBS with ASU into the Sunbelt or will it be like UAPB that is part of the University of Arkansas system. I hope it doesn't happen. It's nice NOT being part of a system.

State Rep. Mark Lowery -- who drafted legislation to merge the University of Central Arkansas into the Arkansas State University System before deciding against introducing it earlier this year -- will be a co-chairman of the legislative task force studying realigning the state's higher education institutions, the task force decided Wednesday.
The ASU System, based in Little Rock, serves 20,300 students in Arkansas, according to ASU System spokesman Jeff Hankins. The general revenue budget for the system's five institutions is about $83.9 million in this fiscal year.
Conway-based UCA's enrollment totaled 11,698 in the fall, Courtway said. UCA's general revenue budget is $53 million in this fiscal year.
So ASU and all their system schools are worth only 30 million more than UCA that has only one primary residence? Talk about giving ASU value!