LOL ...been there done that. Put up or shut up. Take a look at your own back yard, before you guess what is in another neighbors garage. UNI was the hopeful destination of every piece-of-trash IA reject in the US for many years. Tressels's offenses at YSU were non-existent and those at OSU were very close to the same. Friend, it takes very little skill to win a game of cards when jokers and all face cards are wild before you make such a statement, let's see your evidence.YSU fans are well-aware of their record since he left & it has less to do with he leaving than it does the assistant coaches that left (4 of which went on to head nationally-recognized FBS programs) and the fact that he also took most of the YSU administration's pool of quality assistants to choose from. Also YSU was not in a conference prior to joining the GFC they did not have to worry about playing conference games every year, Heacock and Wolford just never turned the corner. these are facts .. what you said is "hog-wash".

BTW, a visit to Fargo (by the NCAA) would find a team that is far from perfection, so be careful before you speak. Same goes for Marshall, Montana, Boise State, eastern Washington and many other good (or formerly good) FCS programs (non more so than UNI). If Bohl was as great as you think he was ...then he could have done better than Wyoming. Kind of reminds me of Urban Meyer's mysterious health issue that forced him to leave Florida (doctor's orders) because the stress of coaching was just too much. Yet he goes to one of the two most stressful FBS programs in the nation (OSU). BTW did you ever wonder what happened to that medical issue?

ps: maybe if you had not "stopped reading" you might not be so ignorant. I (more-so my father) has known Jim Tressel for a number of years. You will NEVER meet a more honest caring and "plain old Christian" man. I am not here to debate his offense at OSU because I really could care less. I read the emails & they said nothing more than everyone already knew. I do not follow FBS ball, I follow FCS ball & have does so since 1982.