After shutting it down for the last 48+ hours and in consultation with some of the most mediocre minds AGS has to offer (just kidding, sincere thanks to everyone I contacted and who got back with me) a revamped and improved (at least in my mind) spreadsheet has been completed to assist in our poll making ventures. Using multiple sources, several polls, a couple of shots of vodka, and a high tech simulation engine...

... every team in the FCS was ranked.

The top 1/3 are counted as Good Wins.
The middle 1/3 doesn't count for or against anyone.
The bottom 1/3 counts as a bad loss.
Any FBS team that is not ranked higher than the last team in the top 1/3 does not count as a Good Win (ex. there are 120 teams in the FCS, if the FBS team ranks lower than #40, it isn't a Good Win).

Also, you'll notice there are now additional tabs at the bottom. If you click on the Good Win tab, you will see every team that counts as a Good Win (in alphabetical order, not by order of ranking, NDSU came out on top getting every possible #1) and the five teams that are just outside the top 1/3. The same goes with the Bad Loss tab, which will show you the bottom 1/3 in alphabetical order and the five teams in the most danger of dropping into the bottom 1/3. Finally, the Non-Counter FBS tab shows all of the FBS teams that do not count as a Good Win (see the above explanation) so that when you look at How They Fared sheet, you'll know that not all FBS wins are created equal.