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Thread: Does James Madison play to their level of competition?

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    Question Does James Madison play to their level of competition?

    Ol' Coach Ford mentioned about a week ago that he believes JMU plays to their level of competition. In the JMU post-game presser Coach Ford was asked:
    Coach, did JMU play any differently than they have in the first game? You mentioned this week earlier that they have played to their level of competition.
    To which Coach Ford answered:
    Yeah, I know that sounds like a slap but I think a lot of teams are guilty of that and we don't like it as Head Coaches. I watched them play St. Francis, which was in our conference [NEC], and St. Francis came within 4 points. I watched them play Akron which they gave them a hell of a ball game, so obviously they're capable of playing on that level [FBS], but obviously they're capable of playing down a level as well. I think they probably did a little bit of that in the 3rd quarter against us, but nonetheless our hat is off to them, they did an excellent job.
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