The only game still going on that will have any effect on the spreadsheet is Portland State vs UC Davis. Currently Portland State has a 30 point lead, so I feel confident that I can go to sleep and we won't be shocked by any changes in the morning. I'll update that with the final score in the am. The Sagarin Ratings are through last week's games until you see me remove the asterisks in the column.

The updated Good Wins/Bad Losses spreadsheet is out as well...

Some examples of the shuffling that is/will go on from week to week:
Gardner-Webb (3-1) has been removed as a bad loss, and should an FCS team beat them (their only loss is to Marshall), they are currently a good win. You'll notice it says *REMOVED* in the spreadsheet, in the future that won't appear, I will just delete the entry. However, for the purposes of illustration, I left the entry there and used it as an example of teams being taken off.
Albany (1-3) is no longer a good win based on their results last year, they are now a bad loss based on their results this year.
Tennessee State (3-1) has been moved from middle-of-the-pack and is now a good win.
Georgetown (1-3) has been moved from middle-of-the-pack and is now a bad loss.