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    Welcome to clenz's second annual AGS Pick 'Em Contest! The best pick 'em game in the world (not actually true, or even close to true...just go with it). Last year 51 posters particpated throughout the season at one point or another, but it was down to only about 12 by the end. I hope that the participation stays higher this year. There were some players who were doing very well just drop the game mid/late season.

    This year I am not running the game on CS, so the time frame for getting picks totaled and up should be a touch quicker, though I can/will make no promises at this point. The games for the next week will be updated ASAP though to get those live.

    The rules are as follows.

    1. Game will consist of picking the winner of each top 25 game, a couple interesting unranked FCS match ups, and a couple of high profile FBS match-ups each week. Each correct pick will be worth 1 point.

    2. Picks are due by 9AM Central on Saturday of that weeks games. Weeks that have Thursday/Friday games will have a deadline of 4PM Central Thursday/Friday if you wish to have that game count towards your picks. If you get it in late that game will not count towards your total. (re: it will count as you getting it wrong) but will not disqualify picks that have yet to be played.

    3. The AGS poll will be the poll used starting in week 2 due to the timing of the release of the poll and the posting of this contest. For the first week we will use Lindy's top 25.

    4. Schedule of games to pick will be posted by 11PM Central Monday evening, possibly sooner depending on my schedule.

    5. Pick's will run from preseason AQ and at-large bids, all the way through the title game.

    6. Conference AQ,at-large bid, and national champion picks will be due at the same time as the cut off for the week 1 picks. You may edit your picks for the AQ and AL picks until 9AM Central the Saturday of the first game. NO OTHER EDITED OF PICKS IS ALLOWED DURING THE SEASON. ONCE A PICK IS MADE IT CAN NOT BE CHANGED. Missing a week does NOT disqualify you from playing the rest of the season, neither does missing the first week.

    6a. Each correct AQ/AL pick is worth one point. If you correctly pick the team as winning the AQ or at-large bid you will receive 2 extra points. I.E. you pick School A to win the AQ and school B to get an at-large. School A doesn't win the AQ but gets an at-large, and School B get's an at-large. You would get 1 point for correctly having School A in the playoffs, and you would get 3 points for correctly prediction School B would be an at large.

    6b. For each team you correctly pick to be in the national title game you'll get 5 points. You'll also get 5 bonus points if you correctly pick the champion. You can earn up to 15 extra points from this.

    7. Post season game picks will have a weighted scoring system due to fewer games being played. Each round will have a different weight.

    Each round will have 16 points available from games. First and Second round games will each be worth 2 (since there are 8 games) the Quarters worth 4, Semi's worth 8, and the NC game worth 16. With each game you will pick your confidence level on a scale of 1-5. A confidence of 1 is the least confident and a pick of 5 is the most confident. The confidence score determines how many bonus points you get...AND HOW MANY YOU CAN LOSE IF WRONG. Confidence scoring is as follows:
    1: no bonus points earned or lost
    2: 1 bonus point earned or lost
    3: 2 bonus points earned or lost
    4: 3 bonus points earned or lost
    5: 4 bonus points earned or lost

    By doing this it's going to test the eier of each player and create some interesting weeks. That means the first two rounds have 48 points possible (6 per game), quarters have 32 points possible (8 per game), semi's have 24 (12 per game), and the national title game has 20 points possible 20 (20 for the game).

    8. Each player must have a minimum post count of 100 by the pick cut off line of the first week. There is plenty of time to get involved all across the board and get to 100 posts. I will take screen shots to freeze everyone's posts counts at the time of the cut off to see if they meet the required post count. This is to avoid people joining to only play the game (see past issues with elimination games seeing influx of new posters until their team is out then leaving again). If you want to join to play the game, great, just contribute elsewhere. As of the time of this being posted on the board there is something like 47 days to get to 100. For a brand new member who hasn't posted yet that is about 1.7 posts per day.

    9. In the event of a tie at the end of it all, will revert back to higher standing at end of regular season. If still tied the person who missed the fewest weeks picks will be declared the winner. If still tied the world will but seriously if that happens I'll figure it out.

    10. On the form enter your username EXACTLY as it appears here, if it does not match any name on the member list your votes won't count. I gave a fair amount of leniency on that last season but will not this year. If you think I'm kidding try it. On the same line, if the space calls for you to type the name of a school and no example of how to type it is used Please type the full name of the school but do not use college or university. The only time this should happen is with the preseason playoff picks. So if you want to pick Northern Iowa or Central Connecticut State type Northern Iowa or Central Connecticut State NOT UNI/CCSU or No. IA/CentConSt, or anything else. If that isn't followed the pick will be counted as wrong. If an example of how it should be typed is given use that and only that to type the answer in. This will come into play during the playoffs. Again if you don't believe me...try it. You will lose those points, and you will bitch and moan about it but by entering picks for week 1 you agree to these rules as they read.

    11. Do not enter your picks more than once. If you enter them twice there is a two strike policy. The first time you do it I call you out on the forum and take your first submission. The second time I call you out for it, neg rep you, and you don't get points for it. This was a big issue last year and I ain't putting up with it.

    12. Don't bitch about you thinking I screwed up your picks and you didn't pick the way you did. This was an issue last year. I litterally can't screw your picks up. The form works 99.999999999999% the same way as the AGS Poll....the only thing I can screw up is counting your points wrong, and a simple PM fixes that. CHECK YOUR PRESEASON PICKS BEFORE THE WEEK 1 DEADLINE. You can change them and make sure you didn't type something a way you didn't mean too.

    To submit picks for Week 1 and the AQ/AL please visit the link in my signature that reads " PICK FORM". That will be the link to use each week to get to the form.

    The defending champion is BisonFan02 with a game record of 397 points. For winning he got a sweet ass trophy to put on his desk at work to brag to co-workers about him winning the inter-webz and a sweet user bar to hold over the losers heads every time he posts. Who here has what it takes to knock him off and claim the next trophy?
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