With the help of a poster and his returning FCS starters list. I've adjusted last years rankings and teams and I've added 2012 FCS and FBS teams to simulation I've created. Here's a sample game


hit play again to get a different result each time or select new teams to try a different match up.

For some reason the 100 game match up isn't loading that fast (that gives a better projection for an upcoming game) but if you go here and select ncaa football 2012, you can get a prediction for any upcoming game using my single game predictor.


These teams will continue to get updated throughout the season, I just thought people would enjoy messing around with them now.

I'd like to add every FCS game this season to my predictor calendar (link below) so if you click a date you'll get a list of every game on that day. I'm still searching for a full FCS composite schedule, by date, if anyone has a link please post it. I'd have to convert to excel to get it to work, but finding it is hard enough right now.

You'll see if you go to a Saturday in September, pick the date and hit go, you'll get all the D1 games that day. I'd like to do the same with the FCS schedule.


Users can still set up the full season schedule, for their team, using the sim by going here: