FRISCO, TX. Almost four years ago, a younger, more uncertain version of myself was just a wide-eyed freshman on a charter bus with the Gold Star Pep Band on our way to Minneapolis, MN, traveling to play at the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament's first-round match up between the third-seeded Kansas Jayhawks and the little ol' North Dakota State Bison.

That game ended in a 10-point heartbreaker to the defending national champs.

After the initial disappointment faded, I thought fondly of that game and at the time considered the possibility that it may have been the single most profound sporting experience of my college career.

Boy, was I wrong.

As I stood among the roughly thousand-or-more Bison fans that crowded the field at Pizza Hut Park once the FCS Championship game had ticked away, I knew I'd been mistaken, and gladly so.
Thanks to Kyle for the recap, reminicient of the "FCS Diaries" I used to do... and thanks to the Bisonville fans, who now are immortalized in the recap as well!