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    WKU is planning a move. I dare say it is a question of WHEN not IF. I see the ball rolling after the stadium expansion and renovation is completed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISUMatt
    All the chatter in Normal says Illinois State is getting the money and fundraising ready to update facilities and think about going I-A

    Nothing against you but man your attendance needs to get way up for that to occur.

    BTW. Back in the late 1990s the MAC Voted in Buffalo over YSU into the League. Buffalo was a joke and YSU was in its prime but two schools; within an hours drive; told others to VOTE NO for YSU.

    Akron and Kent were getting embarrassed Year in and Year out by YSU and they did not want YSU taking anymore recruits that would go to their schools.

    Look at the decision now.. SAD... YSU Has the stadium and expansion room if need be for I-A. That is why the new side was added in 1997. But plans went SOUTH.

    That is all True.. I am best friends with someone who worked on it..

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    I'll lay this out. We have talked about it and almost did it under Tressel.

    Since that time YSU has been on a spending binge with buildings, dorms and what may be a crown jewel -- a multi-million dollar Rec Center for the students /faculty built with private money. This work-out/spa/ athletic facility connects to the Student Union and will collect fees from all students/faculty making it a cash cow. YSU raised its charges to students as well.

    Tressel had the plan years ago and the funding was planned. Everything was a go until they got black-balled on a vote in the MAC by Akron & Kent St. who didn't want the competition. MAC may be about to " splinter" in the near future and they may come calling again. We also may look in another direction.

    The chatter is funding for I-A has to be in place and maybe the planned expansion for the Ice Castle as well ( easily done with end zone seats, max. 25-30k). I think we are just a few years from taking another look. And a league affiliation is a must first.

    This is early , but its a possibility in the next 5 years.
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    I think the "chatter" is that every school is looking to move up

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    Some Troy people have been pushing for JSU to move to I-A. We have plans to expand the stadium but the money needed doesn't exist unless we use Troy's plan. Troy has spent nearly all of it's money on athletics and nearly none on academics. I don't see our adminstration doing the Troy plan as our enrollment is growing while Troy's main campus enrollment is decreasing.

    We have the same problems as everybody else we have no conference to join and no money to play with the BCS conferences.

    If we were to go I-A I would be for trying to form a new conference with all new I-A schools.
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    I actually haven't heard any of this talk at UNI. I think people here realize that we need to continue to grow as a program before anything like that happens. I will admit I would like to see it happen in my lifetime though. I think it would be nice if the Missouri Valley Conference would support I-A football, so UNI could be consistent in all sports. Not to mention, the MVC is finally becoming a respected name thanks to it's outstanding basketball teams in SIU, UNI and Creighton.

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    maybe we should have promotion/relegation to upper and lower division like they have in European soccer leagues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galojay
    WKU is planning a move. I dare say it is a question of WHEN not IF. I see the ball rolling after the stadium expansion and renovation is completed.
    yeah nice one sided stadium...

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    Quote Originally Posted by txst02
    yeah nice one sided stadium...
    Notice the "expansion part." WKU is going to build an opposite side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by txst02
    yeah nice one sided stadium...
    With the EXPANSION (f'ng moron) we are adding another side to the stadium.
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