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    Dream OOC schedule

    If money wasn't an object.

    Who would be your dream OOC schedule? Try to pick 4 teams

    For me, at the top of my list, its a no brainer
    1. Montana Griz in Boone of course
    2. JMU
    3. UNI
    4. Youngstown State

    Close seconds: Delware, Southern U. and McNeese St.

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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    Money no object, eh?

    1. Delaware (at our house this time)
    2. North Dakota State (on the road to see what scenery looks like with no mountains blocking you)
    3. Cal Poly (home or away, good to get another California rivalry started)
    4. San Diego (home or away, see how we stack up against those might Torerros).

    Teams we have not scheduled before. Our series with McNeese was really good and I'd like to see us play the Cowboys home and home again. Really, I've enjoyed all our games with the Southland and hope we can schedule those teams again. If Glanville stays for awhile, scheduling the SoCon might also be possible as he seems to have a soft spot for the Atlanta area due to his time with the Falcons.

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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    1. at Army
    2. Villanova
    3. at Harvard
    4. Syracuse

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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    Hudson High

    Canoe U

    Colorado Academy of Golf Instruction

    V@gina Military Institute

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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    Some combination of...

    Montana (I believe both of our fans have enjoyed the rivalry)
    Cal Poly (they've played a few SLC squads, a strong opponent from the West)
    Yale/Harvard (just the significance and name of those programs)
    Texas Southern (so 3rd Coast Tiger can get a front row seat of a Bearkat blowout of the Tigers)
    -The Terror-

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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    I believe citdog lives at my location! priceless.

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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    1. Army (in OUR house)

    2. Bucknell (so I can rag on my wife)

    3. Anybody from the CAA, preferably JMU or Richmond

    4. The Keydets
    "I will derive mucho pleasure when we run the score up on the Bell Hops this year. Our boys will be eager for sweet revenge. I expect no less than 60 points. I'm thinking 3 TD's for Price alone." - Apphole


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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    Every Ivy League fan still hopes the League will allow the teams to schedule opponents in the South and the Midwest, so barring their "hidden agendas" that prevent those matchups from happening:

    For Harvard:
    Georgia Southern (who is the real FCS team?)
    Appalachian State (ditto Georgia Southern)
    Montana (no Ivy League team has set foot in Washington-Griz)
    Wofford (nothing meaningful to say but it would be a great match)

    Runners-up: Grambling/Southern, North Dakota State, Northern Iowa, UMass (we haven't played them in like 20 years), Boston College (FBS - distant possibility), Duke (ditto Boston College), Stanford (also distant), Tulane (also distant)
    Tim Murphy Retirement Watch: now ongoing ... so that Harvard football will move toward relevance again.

    But the Ivy Presidents' stance need to change too.

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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    Well, considering w play all my good friend' schools now.... the only way I could see it get better is to play my dad's school, East Carolina and co-worker's schools Akron, Duke and Wake Forest.

    But in reality. I'd like to see play some Patriots, East Carolina, Vanderbilt.

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    Re: Dream OOC schedule

    Quote Originally Posted by appstate38 View Post
    If money wasn't an object.

    Who would be your dream OOC schedule? Try to pick 4 teams

    For me, at the top of my list, its a no brainer
    [*]Montana Griz in Boone of course
    The only way that happens is if they don't get a home game for the second round of the playoffs. But I'd like to see it too.

    1) Cal Poly (I want to see MSU beat them at least once)
    2) NDSU
    3) Wyoming
    4) ASU, at our house (after all the renovations are done)
    Poster formerly know as FTG06


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