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    Re: Your team's dream schedule

    Basically the entire Southland conference. We get some revenge games and a cakewalk to playoffs.

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    Re: Your team's dream schedule

    This is fun

    Game 1: JSU (FCS opener or whatever it's called)
    Game 2: Samford
    Game 3: Wofford
    Game 4: An easy FBS school that we should beat but won't be penalized for losing to (GaState?, Kent State?)
    Game 5: Furman
    Game 6: ETSU
    Game 7: Mercer (would love to see this match up with the sports history between the two schools)
    Game 8: SHSU
    Game 9: Montana State
    Game 10: Maybe a tougher FBS school that we definitely should lose to but will get big money for playing
    Game 11: Whoever is 2nd best in the "big" South

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    Re: Your team's dream schedule

    Quote Originally Posted by Rjones61 View Post
    Basically the entire Southland conference. We get some revenge games and a cakewalk to playoffs.

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    Re: Your team's dream schedule

    For Elon:

    Wk1: UConn
    Wk2: Maine
    Wk3: Furman
    Wk4: W&M
    Wk5: New Hampshire
    Wk6: Delaware
    Wk7: Bye
    Wk8: JMU (for a repeat upset)
    Wk9: Richmond
    Wk10: Rhode Island
    Wk11: Albany
    Wk12: NC A&T

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    Re: Your team's dream schedule

    Quote Originally Posted by Redbird 4th & short View Post
    I'm pretty sure he just copied YSU's actual schedule ... no ??

    Replace Drake with Duquesne and it would be.
    Teams I have watched this season: Butler - Cal Poly - Eastern Illinois - Furman - Hampton - Howard - Indiana State - Jacksonville State - James Madison - McNeese State - Mercer - Missouri State - Monmouth - Montana - Nicholls State- North Alabama -North Carolina A&T - North Carolina Central - North Dakota State - Northern Arizona - Northern Iowa - Prairie View A&M - Rhode Island - Samford - South Dakota - South Dakota State - Wofford - Yale - Youngstown State

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    Re: Your team's dream schedule

    For JMU, a reasonably realistic schedule and not a complete pipe dream:

    Week 1: home vs Old Dominion University (It really sucks that in their short stint in FCS, we never beat them. I'd love to stomp their asses at home)
    Week 2: away at Towson
    Week 3: away at Appalachian State University (Former FCS rival of sorts, the most recent poster child for successful FCS to FBS transition)
    Week 4: home vs Harvard (I have slight Ivy League envy but also I'd love to play a solid ooc game against a team we've never played instead of a Norfolk State)
    Week 4: home vs New Hampshire
    Week 5: away at Villanova
    Week 6: away at William and Mary
    Week 7: home (parents weekend) vs Maine
    Week 8: vs Rhode Island
    Week 9 home (homecoming) vs Richmond (various expletives about sweater-vests and arachnids)
    Week 10: home vs Delaware
    Week 11: at University of Virginia (they haven't played us since the early/mid 80's, before I was born, so I want a piece of them. Sidenote, I got my master's from UVa but this is a easy decision to root for JMU)
    Week 12: at Albany

    FCS playoffs:

    First Round Bye
    Second Round home vs Sam Houston State (it's almost too easy to hate SHSU)
    Quarterfinals home vs Montana (still bitter about 2008)
    Semifinals: home vs Richmond (I want to beat them as many times in a season as possible)
    Finals vs: NDSU (may as well beat the best?)

    Other acceptable ooc fcs games: most Ivy league teams, top tier MVFC teams, top tier Big Sky teams, Charleston Southern (I love the city of Charleston)
    Other acceptable ooc fbs games: Any mid-Atlantic ACC team, Navy, Army, most AAC teams (especially East Carolina), Kentucky, Vanderbilt, WVU, Maryland, Rutgers, Georgia Southern.

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    Re: Your team's dream schedule

    I'm going to pretend that Delaware is an Independent again for this dream schedule.

    Week 1: Lehigh
    Week 2: McNeese State
    Week:3: at Eastern Washington
    Week 4: Sam Houston State
    Week 5: at Towson
    Week 6: at Northern Iowa
    Week 7: UC Davis
    Week 8: Jacksonville State
    Week 9: at The Citadel
    Week 10: James Madison
    Week 11: at Montana
    Week 12: Villanova

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