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    Re: Building a Dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by nodak651 View Post
    So how does split splitting scholarships work with FCOA? Could a school give everyone of 3/4th scholarship, and FCOA money could be used to fill the funding gap for the student? So the school could then, in affect, have more than the fcs max of full scholarship players?
    If I had to guess, I would believe 3/4 a scholarship = 3/4 FCOA.

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    Re: Building a Dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by Derby City Duke View Post
    Does NDSU split scholarships now? If tuition/room&board rates are low enough that kids could afford to go on a partial, that's one avenue to building the depth you guys have.
    not that you asked about ISUr .. but Spack has gradually gone more and more to 3/4 scholllies for most players, then works with families to make up difference with needs based schollies and grades based money. I don't know the numbers, but I believe most of our kids are 3/4 schollies. I am guessing the top end players probably get full schollies if the money can't be made up elsewhere. Otherwise, he tries to get families to buy into his model to build the roster. He seems to think it works in most situations .. certainly, not all.

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    Re: Building a Dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by Bison56 View Post
    Most people like to ignore that.
    And how many Div 1 programs in North Dakota compared to Louisiana?? Got to add that to the perspective.


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    Re: Building a Dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by Silenoz View Post
    Football moneyball:

    1 - Recognize there is a hugely undervalued gap in the current market (in this case a power running game, when everyone else is moving towards fancy finesse spread offenses)
    2 - Have the culture, support, continuity, and brand to build #1 over many years
    3 - Keep it going with success begetting success, and running the tightest ship possible
    4 - Keep a gap between you and the competition because there are only a handful of programs that can build and maintain much of anything, and they either have trouble maintaining continuity, have endless setbacks thanks to scandals, or chase a bunch of evolutionary football dead ends.
    This is essentially it.
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    Re: Building a Dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by abc123 View Post
    63 scholarships is the full amount of allowable scholarships for FCS football. However they allow the scholarships to be spread out like some other sports (basically everything with the exclusions of FBS football, MBB, WBB, women's gymnastics, women's tennis and WVB).
    I fully realize that.My point is if you can afford 85 full rides why not allow it? Its stupid to split schollies up if you dont have to.
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    Re: Building a Dynasty

    NDSU's football camps are a big factor.
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    Re: Building a Dynasty

    Quote Originally Posted by UNAPride View Post
    I remember NDSU from back in the 80s as they were tearing up D2. Yet, dynasties can certainly have lulls and that got me to thinking.

    As a writer for D2 football, I always felt like NDSU was at the top of D2 and then reclassified. But, looking back, that's not the case.

    Can any long-time fans fill me in on the last years of D2 and what happened? In the Bison's last 8 years of D2/NCC play, they only went to the playoffs twice.

    What was up from 1996-2003? Any insight?
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