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Wofford didn't go after QB's either. It avoids a situation where you have too many QB's - a major problem for the Terriers 4-5 years ago when we played QB by committee with little success, but does put you at risk of burning redshirts like we did in 2016 when we lost our top 2 QB's very early (although under the new rules, Joe Newman would not have lost a year). I personally think option teams should bring in a QB every year. Since few high schools run the option, there is often a learning curve bring QB's up to speed.
I think a glut of QBs causes a problem that has shown up a few ways with Furman.

First, Furman has occasionally had a backlog. Furman took both PJ Blazejowski and Harris Roberts in the same recruiting class, for instance. That was a year after taking Dillon Woodruff (who would eventually play linebacker) and two years after Reese Hannon (who lost a year to injury). Hannon played most of his four years, leaving Blazejowski to start as a senior full time and then Roberts as a 5th year senior the next year. Furman will begin 2019 with its fourth straight different starting QB in four years.

I think Furman wants to get back to a spot where there is more space in that position. Ideally, it would have been nice to have Hannon turn the reigns over to Blazejowski in his junior season, who then would turn it over to Roberts in his junior season.

Let those guys spend a few years in the program, get used to the offense, and then spend two years as the starter.