After last week's carnage around the conference, I sit at 40-12 for the year, still looking for perfection. This week, Cal Poly and Northern Arizona both are sitting this one out, but everyone else plays. Some great conference games involving the top teams so this could be a tough weekend to pick. Here is my attempt at perfection.

EWU at WSU---Eagles are riding high and the prevailing thought is who is going to bring them down. The Wildcats take their turn, cleaning up their house and welcoming them. Will they be gracious hosts or are they up to add to the topsy-turvy feel from last week...EWU 35, WSU 21.

UI at MSU---Bobcats had last week off, giving them two weeks to prepare for the Vandals, who are finding the conference climb to be a bit tougher than what they encountered in the Sun Belt. Vandals would like a win to jumpstart their season but,...MSU 34, UI 21.

ISU at UCD---What I think is the conference game of the week, the Aggies welcome the Bengals to town. Who had this game pegged as a must watch at the beginning of the year. For the winner, the rest of the year will open up, the loser will have some work to do...UCD 38, ISU 35.

UM at North Dakota---Grizzlies are hoping for a great game to make up for whatever it was that happened last week. Still, the Hawks are relishing jumping on the wounded bear and bringing them down. They just might, but you don't want to mess with a wounded Grizzly...UM 28, North Dakota 27.

UNC at PSU---The Bears, looking for their first win can't seem to catch a break as the Vikings come in riding a euphoric high after dismissing the Grizzlies in their house last week. Its been awhile since the Vikings had to deal with the Grizzly hangover, can they overcome it here...PSU 28, UNC 26.

SAC at SUU---Whatever happened to the Hornets last week was not good as they are slowly watching their hopeful season go awry. The Thunderbirds are game, but still looking for their first win of the year. Can they get it this weekend. Yes, in an upset...SUU 24, SAC 21.