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    Re: Coaches Poll 10/8

    Quote Originally Posted by JacksFan40 View Post
    FBS games are horrible to use for or against a team. Iíll use SDSU for example, in 2010 SDSU lost 17-3 to #6 Nebraska, SDSU finished at a bad record of 5-6. In 2014 SDSU lost to Missouri 38-18 in a game that wouldíve been closer had Sumner not gone down, Iíd say 38-24. Missouri finished 11-3, won the SEC East and beat a good Minnesota team in the Citrus Bowl 33-17. They finished ranked 14th. SDSU lost 45-7 to Illinois State. Finished 9-5.
    Even this year USD lost 27-24 to K-State in a game that got USD ranked in the polls at 23. USD got hammered by Weber and K-State might have one of the worst teams under Bill Snyder.
    Donít use FBS games to determine how good an FCS team is, unless they beat a highly ranked FBS, App State, NDSU etc.
    If KSU has been blown out by GSU this would be a different story, but GSU is an ok Sun Belt team who might make another bowl game.
    Yeah, I hate moral victories (Wofford had one this year), but if we're going to talk about FBS games as a data point for predictive results, they never show that you're bad so much as they show you *may* be good.

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    Re: Coaches Poll 10/8

    Quote Originally Posted by ksu_owls View Post
    I agree KSU isn't the #2 team, but we played a GSU team that had everything to lose and nothing to gain in playing their lower level neighbor that is 20 miles down the road. We pissed away a two score lead, which was terrible, but I'm confident that we are the better team and if they would play us again I know we would prove it. JMU lost to Elon who had a close scare against Chuck South.... the "this team played this game" logic doesn't work well because we both know that Elon and JMU are miles ahead of Chuck S who was manhandled by Savannah State. I know Samford isn't a great team this year, but KSU still put together an impressive performance holding them to 3 points for the first 58 minutes of the game. Our ranking is where it is because of our impressive playoff run last year and the fact that most of our offense has returned and our defense is playing pretty well this year (albeit against less impressive opponents). Are we even Top 5? I don't know... but as long as we handle business against JSU I think we have no reason not to be seeded going into the playoffs.
    Obviously we're both KSU fans, but I think this and many of other comments are quite fair. Who knows if we're worthy of a #2 ranking in a mid-season coaches poll. We had a great run last year and returned almost everyone, but in the grand scheme of things, we don't have a long track record of anything, and we haven't played many meaningful non-conference games in our team's history. With that said, I know I'd be thrilled for KSU to have an opportunity to play the top-tier FCS teams in the playoffs this year, and I'm excited for the rematch against JSU in November. There is no way to know how we stack up against these other teams until we play them, and I'm confident we'd open a lot of people's eyes if we have an opportunity to do so. Regardless of if you think KSU should be #2, #4, #8 or whatever right now, KSU is really good team, and the playoffs will ultimately provide the barometer we all need to truly evaluate them. While I personally think #2 is a bit presumptuous, I don't believe there's any reason for them not to be in the top 8, and frankly it doesn't really matter until the regular season is over.

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