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Wofford certainly is strong at linebacker. My suggesting isn't that they aren't, but just noting the area I think Furman may try to exploit.

Furman routinely shifts its personnel. Often presnap. WRs line up at slot back or in the backfield. RBs line up at WR. The TEs move in and out of the formation and can all catch.

The difficulty for defenses (at least last year and a growing trend this year) is matchups. Furman doesn't huddle, and can keep the same personnel on the field shifting in and out of run looks. Defenses cannot get too greedy, as the big fullback is still lined up in the backfield.

One difference too is the overall increase in team speed. Furman has recruited guys that can run both on the line and in the backfield. You will see a lot more guys on Furman's roster that resemble Lennox McAfee - multipurpose speed backs - than you did last year.
All I know is that I trust Conklin and Siefkis (who I have not learned to spell) to run the defense more than I trust Sheil Wood.

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