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I think Furman will fare decently against the Terrier rush attack. The Paladin defense did respectably against them last year, twice holding them under 300 yards rushing and 90 yards passing. Staggs has a good bit of experience defending the option, and did well against WCU's potent rush attack two weeks ago.

This season, the Furman defense hasn't looked great. Most of their issues (in my view) are in pass coverage. I don't think those issues are a result of not having talented players or underwhelming athletes, but a number of times it appears to be simply general confusion in coverage. When receivers are running unchecked down the field, that, to me, signals that assignments are getting blown. That's a communication problem, not a talent problem.

While Wofford does not have near the passing QB that Furman has seen to this point, they are likely going to try to sneak guys out of the backfield against linebackers in the passing game. That has given Furman problems this season. As it relates to the run game, though, I think Furman will do pretty well against Wofford's rush. Furman rotates a ton of players into the game on defense, which will mitigate a bit Wofford's ability to wear a defense down late.

Perhaps this is the hurricane talking, but I think this game will come down to Furman's offense. The Paladins have to protect their defense by keeping possession. Where we have gotten in trouble this season is when our offense periodically grinds to a halt and the defense has to keep running out there to defend a short field. We've seen less of that since they've gotten the OL settled and Roberts has returned.
Agree - and they have to TACKLE (or at least ‘Force’) #8 EVERY running play. Make them have to beat us with the legs of Stoddard, McAfee, Morgan, et al, and/or Newman’s arm. They are certainly capable of doing that as those are some dang good Football Players & Newman is throwing the ball much more effectively. His passes are still not pretty, but they ARE getting the job done. Also, that young OL is playing EXTREMELY well - coming off the ball hard, finishing their blocks, playing nasty AND wily. Major props due to the PorchYapper’s young & inexperienced OL Coach. He is doing a GREAT job! Bottom Line: If we let Newman beat us with his legs, we BEAT & it could get ugly.