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All that may be true, but still Furman looked like they wanted to be the nicest Team on the field against the Formerly Fightin’ Former Christians. They looked like they were afraid they might make E*Loan’s Players mad if they played too hard or got nasty with them. They were completely unready mentally & emotionally to play a Football game. Another way to say this is, “E*Loan hit them in the mouth and, not only did they ‘take it,’ they said, “Please, sir, may I have another.”” I didn’t see them do that all year last year, nor against Clemson, nor since...so, I’m sure the Coaching Staff had some long come-to-eight-pound-six-ounce-newborn-Baby Jesus conversations with the Players after that game and reminded them that despite all of the whiz-bang technical cool stuff we do, the essence of the game of Football is man-on-man violence. If they don’t want to violently keep another man from doing what he violently wants to do, then they are playing the wrong game and don’t need to bother stepping on the field ever again. I was on the sidelines for the WCU game & can assure that the ‘Dins were dishing out PLENTY of violence. I expect that they will again this Saturday.
I don't disagree with that. I think we gave up an early touchdown after a fumble and it started to snowball from there. While I think Elon is the better team, I don't think they are 38 points better than Furman (or whatever the margin was).

Coach Hendrix voiced concerns a few weeks ago about leadership on our offense. You look at the roster and there are two senior starters and a bunch of freshmen and sophomores. Those guys have to grow up and the only way to do that is to get thrown out there and get better.