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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    Quote Originally Posted by ElCid View Post
    Charlotte has an open 6 Oct as well. Supposed to be home this week. Probably still go, but maybe not.
    The Charlotte game with ODU was moved to Thursday, so they will already have 12 games (assuming they can get it in tomorrow). I would think they can. From what I read, ODU is already in town for the game.

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    Looks like PC/Stetson is moving to Stetson.
    FU all the time.

    "The game we know and love literally grew up in the Southern Conference. To find the foundation for ACC and SEC football, you have to go the league’s roots. To find an appreciation for a brand of football often-overlooked and seldom-appreciated, we as fans should do the same."

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinFan View Post
    Looks like PC/Stetson is moving to Stetson.
    Hopefully, they have already left. Otherwise the drive may take a very long time through bad weather.

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    ETSU vs. VMI moved to Friday at 2:30pm.
    Once upon a time, my alma mater was a college football desert in the middle of SEC/SoCon country. But then we had a change in leadership and suddenly football came back to ETSU. Shortly thereafter:

    - We had growing pains the first year.
    - Improved our second year with a better hope.
    - Backslid a little bit our third year.
    - Hired Randy Sanders, who got us a SoCon title and a playoff bid.


    ETSU Football: Now playing in a football stadium near you.

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    1. Samford
    2. Wofford
    3. Chattanooga
    4. The Citadel
    5. Mercer
    6. Western Carolina
    7. Furman
    8. ETSU
    9. VMI

    Colgate @ Furman (Canceled) – Would have picked Paladins by 3
    ETSU @ VMI – Buccaneers by 10
    Mercer @ Samford – Bulldogs by 10
    Wofford @ Wyoming – Cowboys by 21
    Chattanooga @ UT-Martin – Mocs by 17
    Charleston Southern @ The Citadel (Canceled) – Would have picked Bulldogs by 7
    Western Carolina @ Gardner Webb – Catamounts by 7

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    East Tennessee State 21 @ VMI 27
    Mercer 24 @ Samford 34
    Wofford 21 @ Wyoming 35
    Chattanooga 27 @ UT Martin 20
    Western Carolina 35 @ Gardner-Webb 14
    1-AA is tops!!

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    East Tennessee State @ VMI
    Mercer @ Samford - It would be funny if Mercer could pull it off
    Wofford @ Wyoming
    Chattanooga @ UT Martin
    Western Carolina
    @ Gardner-Webb - I am really hoping that I don't have to give up on the team this year after the second game...

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    If I were a betting person, I would guess that Wyoming would beat Wofford by no more than 21 points, and Wofford would beat Wyoming by no more than 10 points.

    So my informal "spread" if you Wyoming by 5.5

    I would predict Wyoming 24 Wofford 19

    But I want the terriers to win, so...

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    Colgate @ Furman East Tennessee State @ VMI
    Mercer @ Samford
    Wofford @ Wyoming
    Chattanooga @ UT Martin
    Charleston Southern @ The Citadel
    Western Carolina @ Gardner-Webb

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    Re: SoCon Week 3 Power Rankings/Pick 'Em.

    Due to Hurricane Florence, FUBeAR has canceled SoCon Picks and Power Rankings for this week.

    JK...but I guess, since ETSU @ VMI is now heading to the 4th quarter, I am a cheating...perhaps I have a future as an FBS Official.


    This Week's Games
    Colgate @ Furman - Paladins and Raiders both get Florenced, but Chick-fil-A meals all-around

    East Tennessee State
    @ VMI - With VMI ahead 24-20 as I type, I want to pick them...but MountainRaiders pluck out a win from the pouch 34-24

    @ Samford - Samford comes out laser-focused & immediately scores 24 points to take a 2 Touchdown Lead, but those scores are imaginary TD's against Florida State, the game that the "We're-2-touchdowns-better-than-Florida-State" SeminoleSlayingDogs are laser-focused upon. Bears win 20-4.

    Wofford @ Wyoming - AirTerriers scare BroncoBusters but a late Pick6 sends the AnkleBiters on a long plane ride home and back to 6-8 passes/game. LariatSwingers win 37-31

    @ UT Martin - SnakeTrains persist in doing ManningThings when they should be doing TebowThings, but they are good enough to overcome the SkyBirds. SoftHand-SewnFootwear prevails 24-21

    Charleston Southern @ The Citadel - This game is a Route: 26

    Western Carolina @ Gardner-Webb - After needing a week of rest following their extremely narrow escape from Alabama-WSSAS (Without Such Stringent Academic Standards) (AKA Newberry), the MountainFelines move down a level to take on an FCS Team - Gardner-Webb, which is in a 2-year Transitional Process to D2, but hasn't told anyone about it. Their last FCS win was in 2016. After the game, we will learn that all of their Players could have played for the 1967 Green Bay Packers, if only they'd been born sooner. G-W's Head Coach's Lifetime record soars to 38-77 as the Runnin'(Away) Bullpuppies lose to the CreativeCullowheeCrowd 38-10

    Power Ratings
    1) Samford - Not many better than #8 and #6 at any level of College Football. As they conclude their 7 years of eligibility at Samford this year, along with Sam Pettway, who was awarded his 3rd Medical Waiver and 10th year of eligibility, I will not be sad to see them GTHO!!!! (and I have enjoyed watching them display their talents...except for a couple of weeks each year)

    2) Wofford - IF they can continue to demonstrate that they can effectively throw the ball (against Teams other than VMI), they will be tough for ANY TEAM to beat

    3) Chattanooga - I like what I see of this Mocs Team...mostly...for now. I did notice some of those Defensive Assignment and Effort breakdowns that have hurt the Mocs in the past during their game with the bellhops. That will not bode well for them in games against many SoCon Teams, if they don't fix

    4) Mercer - Young RB, Devezin, is the real deal, Riddle (new QB - listed as Starter (no "OR") this week) has impressed, Tee Mitchell (RB) is a known All-SoCon-level quantity, as is Marquise Irvin (WR) and Sam Walker (TE). OL remains a BIG question mark (that has not particularly impressed me in either of their 1st 2 games) as is the ability to utilize the Talent they have on O. Some questions/inconsistency in the Secondary, but the D Front 7 is solid. Special Teams are solid to exceptional. Can challenge any of the Top Teams AND can lose to both ETSU & VMI. We'll know which is more likely after this week...I think.

    5) Western Carolina - I'm not sure they are better than the bellhops, but I like purple better, so they are here...for now

    6) The Citadel - Did some good things vs. Chatt., but losing close Conference games doesn't matter. It's all about the final score...Gosh, those words sound so familiar to me. I feel like I've heard them somewhere, repeatedly, before. I'm getting a vision of a man in uniform...carrying a suitcase...oh I know where I heard it.

    7) Furman - I think Furman can be right up there in the Top 2 or 3 this season, but the Paladins' Offense was absolutely punk'd by E*Loan's D last week. I love cool schemes and out-smarting the other Team as much, or more than, most, but sometimes, this game comes down to whether or not me or my opponent is the meaner son of a beeeyatttch. Time too MEAN UP, 'Dins!

    8) ETSU - Just seem sloppy to me - some talent and good effort, but sloppy in all phases. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my sense - SLOPPY

    9) VMI - Love ya Roos - thought you were going to get one while I was typing this. Well, I didn't really...but I wanted you to. I saw some pretty good stuff that can be built upon today, but the tackling is horrendous. I was cringing it was so bad. They may still put it all together one week and shock someone...I already mentioned #4 on my list as a likely candidate for that. Others are not immune. Keep Charging VMI!
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