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    2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    FINAL STANDINGS (for those who missed no more than 2 weeks) [a "z" by your name means you missed at least one week]:

    1 Scrappy94 187
    2 caribbeanhen 175
    3 mvemjsunpx 175
    4 Bisonator 174
    5 Prime Power 174
    6 MTfan4life 174
    7 BisonTru 171
    8 mcneese75 170
    9 Bear84 169
    10 Roamingriz 166
    11 Catbooster 165
    12 Evolution Prime 165
    13 Gangtackle11 164
    14 bluefish 163
    15 ElCid 161
    16 bonarae 161
    17 Lehigh'98 158
    18 UpstateBison 158
    19 MR. CHICKEN 157
    20 melloware13 155
    21 FUBeAR 155
    22 DABEAR 153
    23 taper 152
    24 zGo Lehigh TU owl 150
    25 POD Knows 149
    26 SUpharmacist 148
    27 FCSbuff319 147
    28 JacksFan40 146
    29 BEAR 144
    30 bison56 143
    31 zTheKingpin28 138
    32 zWapiti 136
    33 zDaytripper 132
    34 zNodak78 121

    I felt there just wasn't enough competitions going around on AGS this season, so I wanted to bring back what is always a fun one.

    After gaining permission from clenzy, I've decided to resurrect a pick'em contest for all of the FCS here on AGS. Yes, I missed the first week, but my goal is to make it FCS vs. FCS for the most part, and there was a pretty small slate of like games last weekend. So, we'll start this week and play until the final regular season weekend.

    Scoring will be pretty basic, for the most part. One point for each correct game picked. There will be a couple of additional opportunities, though. The top game on the Pick'em form each week will be worth two points. Then there will be a couple bonus questions each week. If that person or persons gets the pick right on, they will get 2 bonus points.

    I will try to get somewhere from 20-30 games each week and also try to include as many of the FCS conferences as possible. Just for fun, there will also be one lower division game each week, most likely pairing two top 25 teams against each other.

    I'll keep a leaderboard going throughout the season.

    The deadline for picks each week will be right before the first game on Saturday starts, usually around Noon Eastern time.
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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    Cool - next week, can we get the tie breaker questions on the same page as the games?

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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    I am in, thanks for the pick'em

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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    I'm in, Thanks for doing this!!!
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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    I'm sure glad you had a back button on the 2nd page.

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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    I am in. Thanks! Not sure of most of those so I'll likely be next to last in these picks!
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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    Ditto on the Back Button!

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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    I am in and ready to lose again.
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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    I’m in. Thanks for setting it up.
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    Re: 2018 AGS Pick'em Contest

    I'm in, thanks MT

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