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    Conference Survivor

    ***EDIT - Spreadsheet link: ***

    So the second, and last (I promise), game I want to run this year is a twist on the Survivor games. Typically, you take a single conference and pick the winner of a game each week; if you pick correctly, you move on to the next week, if you pick wrong, you are eliminated. See BisonTru's annual MVFC Survivor game for an excellent example.

    But that leads to the CAA guys just playing with a group comprised of 90% CAA guys, and the same goes for Big Sky, MVFC, etc. Folks like to stay in their comfort zone of picking games in their conferences. Well, since all of us voters *should be* paying attention to the other conferences as well, I thought a nice way to combine the Survivor game with a bit of incentive to pay attention to how teams in other conferences are doing would be to offer a twist on it.

    So for anyone who is interested in playing, here's how it works. Each week, you pick a game and you have to pick the FCS team that will win (can't pick an FBS/FCS unless you think the FCS team will win). But instead of not being able to pick that team again, you can't pick any team from that conference again. Pick NDSU in Week 1? Great, but you can't pick another MVFC team for the rest of the year.

    There are 13 conferences (we're not doing the three Indy's) and 12 weeks this year, most teams are playing 11-games with a bye-week, so you'll get to skip a single conference. That means in the final week of the season, you will only two conferences remaining to choose from. But you need to put in your first winner of the year before 5 pm EST on Thursday.

    So if you want to play, just reply in this thread with (for example):
    Indiana State - winner

    That means I can't pick an MVFC team for the rest of the season. After Week 1's games are done, we'll see who is left and make our next picks. If we need a tie-breaker at the end of the season, we'll reset with whoever is left and head in to the post-season games.
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