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Thread: FCS Vs FBS 2018

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    Re: FCS Vs FBS 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Schism55 View Post
    A couple of years ago for sure. But ive seen the Buffs in person a few times last 2 seasons and they've turned a small corner or 2. Have gotten much better at developing talent.
    I have to agree. The UNH defense Is good enough to hang with them, but not enough offensive firepower to make a good game out of it. The best I'm hoping for is a good first half and a loss by 20ish.

    The only intangible in this game is the UNH connection to the Boulder Campus. Each year UNH presents an award to a player selected as the most outstanding teammate in honor of UNH wide receiver Todd
    Walker who died heroically on March 18, 2011 in Boulder, when he stepped in front of a gunman during an attempted robbery to save the life of a woman.
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    Re: FCS Vs FBS 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by VandalBasher View Post
    I'm not ready to predict a victory or anything, but I feel CCSU has a much better odds for the FBS upset in their Aug. 30 game at Ball State.

    Duquesne would be hard pressed to fly out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and kncok off the Rainbow Warriors.

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    Re: FCS Vs FBS 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by ST_Lawson View Post
    WIU at Illinois should be on this list

    Last year, Illinois went 2-10 with a only 3-pt win over Ball State and 13-pt win over Western Kentucky. At the end of the season, Sagarin had the Illini ranked #126 in all of DI, below teams like Akron, UNLV, and UMass. In fact, by ranking alone, they would have been 8th in the MVFC, ahead of only SIU, MSU, and INSU. Most sites I've looked at aren't projecting U of I to improve much, if any, this year vs last year.

    Last year, WIU went 8-4 with regular season losses to USD, NDSU, and SDSU (all playoff teams) and then by 2 points at Weber State in the playoffs. At the end of the season, Sagarin had the Leathernecks ranked #82 in all of DI. How things will change from last year to this year remains to be seen, since it's harder to find predictions for FCS teams this far out. WIU has also beaten FBS teams in each of the last two years (although not P5 teams).

    If the game was played at the end of last season, Massey's matchup predictor has WIU a likely 27-24 winner, with about a 59% win probability.

    I'm not saying we will win, or that we'll even be favored, but I think the matchup is close enough to at least deserve a mention.
    Agree. The Illini are terrible and I will not be surprised to see a Leatherneck win.

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    Re: FCS Vs FBS 2018

    Of any of the games, the UC Davis game against SJSU should be the closest. The link above as the Spartans with a 57% chance of a W. All of the other games are in the 80-90% range.

    Use the hyperlinks at the top.

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