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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    Quote Originally Posted by Redbird 4th & short View Post
    This is way too easy for ISUr .. and we have several choices as 2017's Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde team of the year !!!!

    Worst ... NAU or SIU in consecutive weeks .. pick your poison !! I'll take SIU as worst of 2 .. Spack lost the team for first time in long time. I can explain what went wrong at NAU .. I can not explain SIU. It was bad on both sides of ball. Could also have take InSU and WIU games .. great 1st halves followed by horrible 2nd halves. This is why Spack fired 4 offensive coaches .. maddening inconsistencies on offense.

    Best ... USD (38-21 win, defense had 13 QBHs + 2 sacks, 6 PBUs and 2 picks) or YSU .. I'll take USD because they were full strength at time .. and because I know YSU had just completed a murderous row trip, though we destroyed (45-0) a very good but worn out team at their place for homecoming.
    correction per ysubigred .. beat YSU 35-0, not 45-0

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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    Played a full 60 minutes of dominating football? I would say vs. overmatched MEAC foe Norfolk State. Held them to <100 yards of total offense, gave up no TDs on defense (NSU scored on a fumble return and a KO return) and put up over 725 yds of total offense. Only downside was losing Cardon Johnson to an injury to his surgically repaired achilles. Hurts a bit down the stretch as he had breakaway speed (265 vs. ECU in the season opener). Could've used him in Toyota Stadium last January...

    Didn't play a dumpster fire type game all year, but the game against SDSU, while an eventual blowout, highlighted some of our shortcomings. Could only turn 5 first quarter TOs into 7 points.

    We weren't a great red zone team last year (~ 56% TDs) and went only 2-6 for TDs vs. NDSU in Frisco (1 FG).

    The final score vs. ECU -- not an upset by any means -- is deceiving as we had only a 7-0 lead at halftime and hadn't looked great doing it. The biggest highlights of the game? 3 70+ yard TD runs and the end zone interception by Rashad Robinson where he just ripped it away from the receiver in mid-air.
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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    We had some holes last year. Most notably our oline was seriously young. Disappointing season for our veteran backfield.

    That said, our most complete game was against Presbyterian in week 2. Not great competition, no offense to the Bluehose, but everything on O clicked. D wasn't bad either. The team had high hopes at this point as well.

    On the down side, our performance against Furman was the worst I have seen in a while. Nothing worked. After losing to WCU the week prior, which evaporated any playoff hope, and it was small any way, there was very little energy. The boys just were not in the game. Plus Furman was on a serious upswing at the time. It was a perfect storm for Furman and ended up being embarrassing.

    On a bright note, one thing we have done better, is not giving up even when down in games. Our game against Samford could have been the worst, but we stuck in there and almost came back. Packing it in emotionally in down games has always been a Bulldog problem. But that issue seems to be changing the last couple years. However, sitting back when we are up big seems to happen too often. We have let teams back in when we shouldn't. We need to be piling on when we get up.

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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    Best performances: SHSU 2015, Old Miss 2010

    Worst (Grass Era): NDSU, YSU, KSU, Second half of the GT game

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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    In my opinion for the 2017 NDSU Bison.
    Best - There are quite a few to pick here but I will go with National Title #14 in the win over JMU. Great game.
    honorable mention: Beating EWU & SHSU like a drum.
    Worst - at SDSU

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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattymc727 View Post
    Best was probably the wins at UCA or Georgia Southern, I don't think anyone expected that for maybe some die hard fans?

    Worst could be the loss at SDSU, but they were a much better team. Id say the worst was either Holy Cross or the regular season ender at Albany, barfffff
    Yeah I would have picked holy cross as your worst. That was stinkums

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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    Best: 28-7 win over Delaware to take away their playoff hopes.
    Worst: 20-6 loss to Rhody the week before Delaware win.
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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    2017 the bad for ASU- Out gaining Tuskegee in yardage 397-174, getting inside of the red zone 3 times in the 1st half and coming away with 0 points. 5 turnovers later we lose 14-6 to a team we outplayed.

    #2 For 2017-Not even showing up against Prairie View at home and getting boat raced 34-0 after playing a helluva game against Kennesaw State and Troy in the previous two weeks.

    The good- Winning 5 of the last 6 games of 2017 and coming close to knocking of eventual conference Champ Grambling

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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    Best: Sam Houston

    Worst: SE Lousiana

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    Re: Give me your Best give me your Worst

    Its easy to pick the loss for NDSU to be the "worst" game was probably was probably either the SHSU or Wofford games....the EWU game was a woodshed game too (especially since it was on the road.....I think EWU had some growing pains though).
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