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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Derby City Duke View Post
    Even though I didn't join AGS as a member until last December, I had been reading it for about 6-7 months and had an understanding of what a 'Decembrist' was. I mostly have posted in the FCS board, though I've stuck a note or two into the lounge. In my initial post I announced my intent to NOT be a Decembrist, but that 'the doctors might have something to say' about it. I've been mostly absent since the end of February because...

    ...the docs have spoken: In my mid-50s I've been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer that includes an extra special small cell version...inoperable and my care plan is manage/control/palliative, not curative.

    This has all come to light over the past 8 weeks and I am halfway through six 3-day sessions of chemo in order to try to control/manage this crap. I get two weeks between each round of chemo to recover. Last weekend I had a seizure-type episode and spent a few days in the hospital finding out my heart and brain are fine and there was no sepsis either (the fact there was a brain detected will come as a surprise to some). Next week I will get a new set of CT and full-body bone scans to see where we stand, then back to chemo the following week.

    I've made it to Senior Prom with my students; graduation is the next milestone, in 31 days. Hope to make it to Bridgeforth for a regular season and playoff game this year, mostly because that will mean I'm still kicking.

    I plan to be as active as I can for as long as I can, but I really have no real appreciation for how events will develop and play out.

    I enjoy reading the banter (mostly good-natured) and have worked hard to be fair and objective in my comments -- I will continue to do so as I can. If the docs are 100% right, I will make sure somebody comes on to post a farewell. I only have one request - to not be remembered as a Decembrist.

    I'm not sure if this is where this thread actually belongs, so if it gets moved, that's fine.

    I'm glad I joined the AGS community! #ArmyStrong, kicking cancer's butt 1 day at a time.
    Really, the Novemberist/Decemberist tag is just a level of hazing most new members who join in football season have to endure. If you can make it through the first year, and not disappear for months at a time, the stigma usually fades. It only sticks around if you ONLY appear late in the season and then immediately disappear once your team gets knocked out of the playoffs.

    Sorry to hear about the cancer diagnosis, hope chemo helps you recover.

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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Stay strong DCD.

    You and your family will be in our prayers.

    You've already beaten the Decembrist label. Next goal - beat cancer.

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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Fellow AGSers, thank you all so very much for the thoughts, prayers, and messages of support of our fight against cancer.

    I am doing ok this week. It was a chemo week -- round 4 -- plus a hormone therapy shot, an immune booster injection, and a bone-strengthening injection. So lots of trips to the hospital this week. Monday I get new lab work-ups to see how I'm tolerating stuff. Hopefully better than round 3. That Saturday I suffered a seizure-type event that landed me in the hospital for 3 days. We (doc and wife and I) have concluded it was chemo-related as the EKG, ECG, brain MRI, EEG, and blood cultures (checking for sepsis / infection) all returned negative results -- everything seems to be working fine.

    We did get some good news from the oncologist this week. The new bone scan and CT scans was very positive. No spread of the small-cell cancer from the original scans and the uptake rate on the bone scan was less than last time. Additionally, my pelvic lymph nodes had decreased in size as well. The original CT scan showed no cancer in my organs or lymph node involvement -- all the nodes were within the normal size parameters. This CT, however, showed the size decrease meaning that my lymph nodes were involvded, but the treatment seems to be working to this point.

    The 'regular' prostate cancer seems to be under control as well.

    As for the seizure? We've decided as a team that the risk of seizure is overridden by the current rewards of the chemo -- as Dr. Rez told us, '...without chemo, the cancer will kill you; with it the seizures might...'

    Thanks again for the prayers and thoughts -- they are truly helping our fight. And fight on we will.

    Kicking cancer's @$$ for another day!

    "The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty." - James Madison

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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Stay strong! Kick cancer's ass.

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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Awesome news!
    - Former Poke Center

    Proud Participant in The 24 Hours of Booty bicycle ride to raise money for the war on cancer, July 24-25, 7 pm to 7 pm, at Queens University and Myers Park Traditional School, Charlotte, NC. All monies raised go to toward LiveSTRONG and a variety of cancer fighting initiatives devoted to early detection, survivorship and research. All donations are tax deductible.

    To contribute, go to:

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