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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    God bless DCD. We will all be happy with every extra day you get to post on here. Rest assured that the term Decemberist is the last thing to come to mind with your name and your legacy.

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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    My thoughts and best wishes are with you.
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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Keep fighting the good fight DCD! You got that Dukes Bison rematch to look forward to in Frisco next January! Sending positive thoughts your way!

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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Quote Originally Posted by VandalBasher View Post
    If I wasn't a Vandal, I would be rooting for your Dukes. May your path be take you to fantastic places.
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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Hi DCD, kind of a newbie here myself but, like you, I also followed along for months checking out the site and familiarizing myself with the FCS teams. I enjoy the back and forth and the members seem to have a good time with it. This cancer thing is a battle that a couple of my friends have begun fighting within the last few months and their diagnosis is very similar to yours. I hate it for them and I hate it for you. I'll pray on my end and encourage, as others are, to fight on. It's never over till it's over and some have come through it. Pulling for you!

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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    F*** cancer. You got this, man.
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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Fight the good fight Duke! Don’t EVER give up.

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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Keep up the good fight. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Derby City Duke View Post
    Even though I didn't join AGS as a member until last December, I had been reading it for about 6-7 months and had an understanding of what a 'Decembrist' was. I mostly have posted in the FCS board, though I've stuck a note or two into the lounge. In my initial post I announced my intent to NOT be a Decembrist, but that 'the doctors might have something to say' about it. I've been mostly absent since the end of February because...

    ...the docs have spoken: In my mid-50s I've been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer that includes an extra special small cell version...inoperable and my care plan is manage/control/palliative, not curative.

    This has all come to light over the past 8 weeks and I am halfway through six 3-day sessions of chemo in order to try to control/manage this crap. I get two weeks between each round of chemo to recover. Last weekend I had a seizure-type episode and spent a few days in the hospital finding out my heart and brain are fine and there was no sepsis either (the fact there was a brain detected will come as a surprise to some). Next week I will get a new set of CT and full-body bone scans to see where we stand, then back to chemo the following week.

    I've made it to Senior Prom with my students; graduation is the next milestone, in 31 days. Hope to make it to Bridgeforth for a regular season and playoff game this year, mostly because that will mean I'm still kicking.

    I plan to be as active as I can for as long as I can, but I really have no real appreciation for how events will develop and play out.

    I enjoy reading the banter (mostly good-natured) and have worked hard to be fair and objective in my comments -- I will continue to do so as I can. If the docs are 100% right, I will make sure somebody comes on to post a farewell. I only have one request - to not be remembered as a Decembrist.

    I'm not sure if this is where this thread actually belongs, so if it gets moved, that's fine.

    I'm glad I joined the AGS community! #ArmyStrong, kicking cancer's butt 1 day at a time.
    Sorry to here this. I live in the Derby City also and also Army Strong!!

    PM me if you'd like to meet up sometime. I have a fond spot in my heart for brothers in arms. Also I'm one of few YSU fans that think Dukes fans are pretty cool
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    Re: I'm Not a Decembrist, Honest!


    Just saw this thread and as a cancer survivor and fellow "Decemberist" my thoughts and prayers are with you! NEVER GIVE UP!

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