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    Re: Who will be the surprise teams next year?

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the University of San Clemente Spanish Inquisitors. Nobody ever expects them.
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    Re: Who will be the surprise teams next year?

    Quote Originally Posted by Seawolf97 View Post
    Stonybrook will make it back to the playoffs . Good depth at running back and now our receiving corps is top notch with the addition of Tyrone Wheatly Jr from Michigan . Our defense is solid again and special teams is solid.
    I think this is the year that 7-4 in the CAA gets you into the playoffs with a hard schedule. However, I could Stony Brook going 6-5 with their schedule. Wins against Bryant, Fordham, Richmond, Towson, Rhode Island, and Albany can be kiiindof expected. But do you see SB winning against Villanova, UNH, JMU, or Delaware? If they do though we will likely have at least 5 teams go at least 7-4, and given how hard some of the schedules are this year I could see all 5 getting into the playoffs. Elon's schedule is difficult and if they win at least one from UNH, JMU, and Delaware I see them going 8-3 and getting into to the playoffs. I see Delaware winning 8 games and losing to UNH, but going to the playoffs.

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