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    Re: 2017 AGS POTY Nominations

    Quote Originally Posted by Drblankstare View Post
    Gotta give it to Red, he knows his audience
    The hero we need that we don't deserve. 😁

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    Re: 2017 AGS POTY Nominations

    Nominations end tomorrow so get them in now. There are a lot of you looking and not participating. Stop being an asshole.
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    Re: 2017 AGS POTY Nominations

    I have 426 voters that I need to have a admin grant new user verification for by the eob today please.

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    Re: 2017 AGS POTY Nominations

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevSFA View Post
    As someone who has won POTY once, I gotta ask myself:

    Why havenít I won since?
    are my glory days of posting gone?
    should I just pack it in and start advertising ďas seen on tvĒ products?
    maybe I could go into coaching the newbs on how to win?

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