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    Re: UNI Time for Farley...

    Quote Originally Posted by clenz View Post
    You really think I'm blinded by a loyalty to Farley? Have you read literally any post I've made about our coaching situation in the last 3 years?
    Or just in this thread. You've been objective in your opinions on Mark and his sons.

    And if there were a player as good or better than either son they would not have been sitting so a Farley could play. They would be on the field and someone who wasn't as good wouldn't have started.

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    Re: UNI Time for Farley...

    Quote Originally Posted by JayJ79 View Post
    Back in the day, UNI dominated the Gateway conference. But the Gateway conference back in the day wasn't anything compared to what the MVFC is these days. Even then, UNI more often than not would make the playoffs, win their first round home game, and then lose on the road. That much hasn't really changed.

    Yes, UNI football has fallen some, and I wouldn't be adverse to a coaching change. But comparing conference records "back then" to now isn't really a valid comparison.
    Meant to reply to this earlier but what a load of horse ****. In 2007 UNI went 12-0 in the regular season while SDSU and NDSU weren't even full D1 members yet and USD hadn't started their D2 transition. Don't give this "I guess we just need to accept our place" bull****. "Oh, other teams got better. I guess we just have to accept that we are going to lose at least 3 conference games every year from now on and be happy." Are you ****ing kidding me?

    I sure wish NDSU had that attitude when they went 9-13 in their first two years as a MVFC program. They could have easily just gone "Well, this isn't D2 or the Great West anymore. It's a better conference. I guess we will just have to learn to accept our place in this conference. Apples and oranges for conferences so it's okay". SDSU came in and were a sub .500 team in 2 of their first four years in the conference and 25-21 overall. It would have been easy for them to go "Man, this league is a different animal. We don't have the financial resources to compete. We don't have the size of the fan base as others. I guess we'll just learn to accept being a team that goes 6-5, on average.". Did they do that? **** no. What did SDSU do? Had the balls to go "Nope, this isn't going to be acceptable. We are going to find the donors, find the fans, find the players, that want to create a better program" and they worked their asses off and have found something like $150m to build an IPF, build a brand new stadium, build facilities that are at the top of the FCS. They invested in coaches and players that have cultivated the culture of winning. Of competing. Of not accepting that they were just a 6-5 or 7-4 program.

    USD was in it's first year as D1 program when UNI won it's last conference title. They went 6-28 in their first 3 years against D1, including 3-21 in MVFC play. They let the coach go that was there and what did they do? A ****ing baller move in stealing a coach away from a conference mate that was building something special at a place that had also been struggling to find it's place for over a decade. The coach finds success in his first two years and when rumors start floating about him taking off what does USD do? Do they just go "Well, I guess this is our place so let's accept it."? **** no. They nutted the hell up, paid the man that made them successful AND announced a $27m renovation project for their stadium at the same damn time.

    The playoffs back then were also 16 teams. None of the playoff teams UNI has had since 2011 make a 16 team field. UNI has been bailed out by the PFL and PL wanting autobids creating a forced playoff expansion.

    That's a loser attitude that leads to loser results.
    "People will talk about getting into the playoffs - don't give a ****. This isn't about just getting to the playoffs. Bull**** programs care about just getting to the playoffs."
    -A FCS twist on a quote from Iowa State HC Matt Cambpell about getting his team bowl eligible.

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    Re: UNI Time for Farley...

    As far as me being blinded by loyalty to Farley...from the Fire Farley thread on PN - posts I've made
    10-15-2016, 08:35 PM

    Done. Farley needs to go. Promote Paup.

    10-18-2016, 02:33 PM

    Re: Fire Farley

    Originally posted by in_the_stands View Post
    Would guess that most good HC candidates would look poorly on an AD directly firing assistants, absent special circumstances.

    How would this not be "special circumstances" given the last 8 years

    If we're to believe that this isn't because Farley is overruling things and it's all on the offensive staff, why hasn't Farley addressed it?

    I would argue that our offense the last 7-8 years is call for a special circumstances, especially our passing game. It's getting worse every year and nothing is being done about it. Either Farley needs to go or the offensive staff needs to go and we've seen Farley unwilling to make changes to the staff OR to how he handles it. He's shown an inability to make changes - scheme or staff to fix things.

    Since Grace left campus our QBs are a combined 1,132-2,060 (55%) for 14,858 yards 106 touchdowns 62 picks. Those numbers are near the bottom of the conference over that time. Take Sawyer's numbers (the only true QB we've had since) out and it's REAL ugly. 642-1208 (52%) 8,597 yards 57 touchdowns 40 picks.

    Those numbers, even with Sawyer, are hideous. Coupled with the downward spiral that goes well beyond just raw passing numbers and there is no way to not look at it as a special circumstance.
    10-21-2016, 11:30 AMRe: Fire Farley

    Originally posted by in_the_stands View Post
    Certainly, but my point was that the HC candidate's enthusiasm for the job could be diminished if he had cause to think the AD might then fire the assistants he had brought in. If I as a HC am accepting responsibility for the W-L record, I want to be the person hiring and firing my own assistants.

    When it's clear the HC isn't going to do that actions need to be taken
    11-02-2016, 11:07 AMRe: Fire Farley

    Originally posted by Luther_Heggs View Post
    College coaches are not like your typical fan. They are not presented with a scenario such as this and after five seconds make a decision. Coaches have run through these scenarios many, many times before presented in a game situation. I'm sure Coach Farley could talk for an hour on the pros and cons of the decision. Fans might be able to keep up a conversation for 20 seconds. Maybe less. I have full confidence that Coach Farley made the best decision.

    Coaches are creatures of habit and are afraid to change

    Farley's habit is being conservative and chicken **** when it comes to taking chances.

    The "sheets" coaches use are outdated and based on old, flawed, math. You'd be shocked at what the more recent studies are showing about going for it on 4th down, going for 2, etc... are actually showing.
    11-02-2016, 02:14 PM

    Re: Fire Farley

    Originally posted by 06panther10 View Post
    Heard this the other day with regards to coaching football and mistakes/losses. "You are either coaching it, or you are allowing it".

    UNI is 6-20 the last 4 years in 1 score football games. Thats a large sample size and is not a fluke. Various degrees of bad to average offense, specifically with the passing game in that time frame and an overall lack of execution and decision making are to blame.

    Our overall talent level of our roster has remained incredibly high, near the top nationally IMO, and its talent alone that has allowed us to be in basically every simgle game that we play regardless of everything else. At least that is my view of things. Our coaches have to do better putting our players in the position to win games.

    100% true.

    An even slightly above average offense game plan the last half decade makes a massive difference. It's all down to coaching. Talent isn't an issue. Execution could be but when the schemes are so bad execution doesn't truly matter.
    2-11-2016, 05:14 PM

    Re: Fire Farley

    How about moving Preston Woods from DL to OL for most of the year a season or two ago? Yep, many forget that happened but it did.

    Or this year during a Monday press conference Farley said that he'd be willing to move a handful of DL to OL midweek if needed too to make the OL better. No mention of actually doing things to improve the line. No mention of needing to recruit more OL depth. It was his Sept 20th presser and he said, and this is nearly word for word quote, "I'll deplete the defensive line to create an offensive line.".

    I, sadly, believe that.

    Apparently moving guys like Preston Woods early in his career is a better way to build on OL than actually recruiting and developing OL.

    I **** you not, go look at the 2015 roster. Preston Woods is listed as an OL. That wasn't just a typo either. He was listed as a DL in 2014 and wore number 96. In 2015 his number was changed to 61 and was listed as an OL. "Thankfully" he had an illness that caused him to miss most of the early part of that season and by the time he was able to come back they had to move him back to DL to give depth to the rotation.

    If I'm not mistaken Griffin Geata went back and forth between TE and DE about a dozen times while on campus.

    There are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. As the season wore on and we saw playmakers finally seeing the field it became more evident. Dunne, Browning, Malloy, etc... It's just unreal
    12-12-2016, 04:28 PMRe: Fire Farley

    Originally posted by Cap'n Cat View Post
    Ebbs and flows, the tide comes in, the tide goes out.

    Again, consider all the institutions who would kill to have a program like ours; one about which posters on its message boards can occasionally mewl about a 5-6 season. Perspective, kiddos.


    I also don't give a single flying F what Indiana State or Missouri State would kill for. I know what I would kill for. I know what 99% of our fan base would kill for. I know what Farley would kill for.

    If we are going "Yeah, this sucks but other teams would like this kind of success" we aren't pushing the bar forward. We are settling on "Yeah, but we still have it better than these guys". Meanwhile programs like NDSU and SDSU have come in with the attitude of "IDGAF what the rest of you have. I care about what I have. I care about what I want. If you don't like it, BFD."

    SDSU, who has just 1 conference title (2007 Great West) since 1963 has come into our conference and now has more conference titles than UNI over the last 5 years, more playoff victories, and 10 times the momentum moving forward.

    Again, WGAF what others have. This should be about us. This should be about what it takes to get UNI a national f-ing title to actually talk about rather than "Yeah, but we were close in 05, 07, 08, and blah blah blah.".
    12-17-2016, 09:24 PMPelini just showed what a fraud Farley can be at times. That YSU team was missing 4 or 5 starters to suspension. That YSU team, top to bottom, is well below UNI, NDSU, SDSU in terms of overall talent. That YSU team was complete garbage through half the season. Pelini made a change to a QB he didn't want. To a QB that was more of a passer than a runner (Pelini wanted a runner). He allowed his staff more control over the team. Hey are now playing for a national title.

    Maybe Farley should take some ****ing notes
    06-26-2017, 07:24 AM
    Originally posted by Blue42 View Post
    Re: Fire Farley

    Orignially posted by Blue42
    True that.

    These fellas on this board wallowing in over the top pessimism are doing nothing to help UNI football.

    Yep. I'm the issue.
    Not that fact that after 6 games we've been 2-4 in each and every single one of the last 5 years.
    Not the fact we have as many seasons under .500 as playoff appearances the last 5 years
    Not the fact that we have more seasons missing the playoffs than making the playoffs the last 5 years
    Not the fact that outside if DJ didn't wear purple and gold we probably don't have a playoff bid since 2011 and at least one or two more seasons under .500

    I'm the issue with the fan base. I'm the issue with the football program. My season tickets and donations are the issue with the football program. Nevermind that the only thing (literally) that hasn't changed with the program in the last 5 years in the person running it and the issues are still as bad as they've ever been. GMAFB

    This team has as much/more talent than any team in the conference on it's roster. Do you honestly believe it will be used properly? If so, other than blind homerism, please explain why. Great, the new assistants are full of social media fire and seem excited in front of little kids and their family. Fantastic. They haven't actually had to coach a season with Farley yet.

    Hey, maybe Farley changes....for the first time in 30 years. It could happen, right?
    This is as blinded by loyalty as I get with Farley
    10-11-2017, 11:24 AM

    Originally posted by dan_beeding View Post
    So are we at the point where a majority of people are wanting him gone, or is it just a few loud voices? I'd post a poll, but we've already got one thread about getting rid of him and I'm not sure I want to have my real name attached to that. I'm fine telling everyone that I think it's time but I've thought that since '09 when I had a personal experience that showed his character (or lack thereof).

    There are a few of us who are "trumpeting" the time for change. The majority is silent, even if they want change/think it should happen. There are many with bridges and relationships to protect. There are people like me who don't really have any bridges.

    I worked in the UNI ticket office for nearly 3 years in the late 00s. I interacted with coaches from all sports on a daily basis. I can honestly say I never had a bad experience with Farley. He took time, more than anyone except Jake, to talk to use student workers in the ticket office. After I graduated I had a couple interactions with him "in the real world". Zero chance he remembered me, and that is to be expected. I can't say I had a bad interaction with him there either. I've certainly heard of other cases that don't match up with mine.

    I don't have any bad feelings for, or towards, him. I know others do. I don't want a coaching change because I think he's a bad person (some do). If ever there was a person to be the "UNI guy" as the head coach and lead us over the top, i wish it was him. At this point, I don't think that will/can happen. Sometimes eras have to end.

    That's just a fraction of the posts on that thread alone on PantherNation on the topic. That excludes every Tweet, text, etc... about my thoughts on the head coaching situation
    "People will talk about getting into the playoffs - don't give a ****. This isn't about just getting to the playoffs. Bull**** programs care about just getting to the playoffs."
    -A FCS twist on a quote from Iowa State HC Matt Cambpell about getting his team bowl eligible.

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    Re: UNI Time for Farley...

    Geez clenz, take off your purple colored glasses and stop defending Farley.
    “I have been on panthernation for years and marvel at how you and clenz always bitched about Lakes being stupid, you guys are being stupid.” -Woody Hayes

    ***hold my beer***

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    Re: UNI Time for Farley...

    Quote Originally Posted by PantherRob82 View Post
    Geez clenz, take off your purple colored glasses and stop defending Farley.
    BisonFan02 Trophy Case:

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