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    OVC Question - EKU

    I just want to know what has happened to Eastern Kentucky? When we were in the conference EKU was a very strong football program. They seem to have fallen off as being relevant anymore(at least that is my impression). For example they are a 28 point underdog to JSU for this week's game. I realize that JSU is the Bama of that conference, but I would like for somebody who knows to explain the EKU situation. THANKS.

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    Re: OVC Question - EKU

    Based on the what I have seen, EKU has simply had a drop off in talent. In the years that EKU was successful, they always had a good run game and defense. This hasn't been the case lately.

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    Re: OVC Question - EKU

    What mamberso said is true. They haven't clicked on offense under Elder and I'm pretty sure their QBs are all colorblind. Their defenses are alright but they lack consistency.

    Theyve had serious offensive line issues the past couple years and a non existent run game.

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    Grass is a disaster. He has 2 senior RBs and he brought in an auburn reject to be his starter. It's sad how in shambles your roster is right now. And it happened so quickly. Pathetic. I guess you should expect it from a career high school coach. Who btw, underachieved in high school. What a loser.

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