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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    I'll put on FBS games when they're going on, but don't really have one team that I root for. I'll usually root for the Big 10 in their non-conference games (unless they're playing an FCS team) and in the bowl games and their "playoff-type-thing", mostly just because of proximity and I have a good number of friends and family who have gone to quite a few of the B10 schools.

    Usually, though, I can find a MVFC game going on that I can stream.
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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    For me it is virtually only FCS. I watch some FBS when I have a chance and here are no FCS games on. I hardly ever watch NFL.
    So yes, I virtually watch only FCS games.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    I watch fcs and root for any fcs team playing an FBS team. So for all my Aggie friends, you'd probably be the 4th best team in the SLC at this point of the season

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?


    And I'm living in my second overseas country where oil companies are present, so there are a bunch of Texas A&M fans around

    I like to ask them, "Hey! Is that a Citadel ring?"
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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    I pretty much exclusively watch FCS games. Don't care for FBS. Occasionally I'll flip on a Nebraska/Iowa/Minnesota/Wyoming game. But its pretty unlikely.
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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    Quote Originally Posted by woffordgrad94 View Post
    Clemson is my FBS team. I rooted for them as a boy. Even though I actually ended up getting my Master's from South Carolina, I still hate their football fans so I don't root for that team and never will!
    As a Bama fan, I was really pulling for Clemson last night.

    Outside of Jax State, I don't watch FCS games.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    Almost exclusively FCS, or if a close FBS/FCS match up. Sundays, if able to watch football (no 'Honey do's) then, ya, NFL, but looking for the former FCS stars (Go Dave Johnson, Zach Zenner, Etc)
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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    I prefer FCS games over FBS. I don't watch much FBS because I don't really have a team I follow but will watch it once in awhile.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    I watch way more FBS games than FCS ones. I grew up a Georgia fan so I still watch their games most weekends if they don't interfere with JSU ones. My girlfriend is a UAB grad so I've started watching their games this year.

    I'll watch Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, games etc. If they are highly ranked and playing a good game.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    No, that would be absolutely absurd. Why would I deprive myself of good football?
    Red Flash and Army fan.

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