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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    Quote Originally Posted by BisonFan02 View Post
    NDSU is the "FBS" team up here....even when they were DII. Its kinda different situations.
    The Ozarks have been a mix, UM-C has never had a strong grip on this area.

    Growing up, OU was the #1 team, now I see more Razorbacks stuff, albeit anecdotally. Missouri State fandom tends to be limited to basketball.
    The only untenable situation is the one you are in right now. Support the dissolution of football at Missouri State University.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    Quote Originally Posted by citdog View Post
    I could care less about the fbs.
    You could? How much less?

    I probably watch an even amount of both FCS and FBS outside of watching/attending HC games. I have no rooting interest in any FBS program...just watch interesting matchups. I also like to see BC lose

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    Quote Originally Posted by woffordgrad94 View Post
    And ignore FBS games? I graduated from an FCS school (though they weren't even D-1 when I was a student there) and I do keep up with their games and how their conference foes are doing, but I have to admit (confess?) that I am a bigger watcher of FBS: it is simply a better product and is considered more relevant by more people. I can have more conversations at my jobs on FBS. I can't talk about Wofford football- most people I come into contact with as I travel have never even heard of them. But that's just me- if you go hardcore FCS then more power to you! I'm just curious as to how many from this board actually only concentrate on FCS...I'm not going to judge anybody poorly for each his own!
    You can follow FBS without really trying. It takes effort to follow the FCS, although it is has become a bit easier due to all the websites that are dedicated to the FCS. At my work, I tell the Ducks and Beavers fans about Portland State, how they are doing and what happened in their games. Therefore, I just concentrate on the FCS. I get enough about the FBS and Pac-12 without trying.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    I follow some FBS and even lower division teams (examples include Michigan, UCLA, Chicago, UMHB). But nothing beats the spirit and commitment FCS teams have on their football teams despite a garden variety of budgets, AD tastes and restrictions (e.g. the Ivies have a lot of restrictions surrounding football but they still send a number of players to the NFL each year.)

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    Ivy League Football: Since the latter half of the 20th century, slowly self-destructing to become irrelevant in the scene that they used to dominate, not too many fans among the younger generations, rusting their potentials in the process.
    Before, I liked a lot about Harvard football. Now, not so much. They are the main perpetrators of why Ivy League football has lost its popularity and it may never go back to what it used to be.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    I will usually watch a big FBS game or the west coast FBS late when I can't get a Big Sky or late east/central FCS game. But only P5. I can't remember the last G5 I watched. Years?? Decades??? I probably watch 5-7 FCS games live (at least parts) and at least 1-3 FBS games. On Sunday I watch the FCS ESPN replays for the highlights of games of note. But the numbers go way down when I travel to see my Dogs.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    Quote Originally Posted by citdog View Post
    I could care less about the fbs.
    How much less could you care though?

    On the OP, I'm going to follow whatever conference NDSU is in. I watched NDSU, then UNI, now I'm watching USD. If I can find a feed I'll also catch SDSU tonight. If I can't get a MVFC game I'm going to watch whatever FCS game I can find usually with 1 playoff possible team. Really most of my FBS watching is at the 11am hour when they whore their schedule out to get on ESPNocho.

    I don't really care if FCS isn't the most popular. I think our playoffs beat the crap out of their 85 bowls. That and I follow the NFL pretty close so if I need to make small talk with another football fan that's a pretty safe topic.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    Typing this comment as I flip back and forth between UA/ Clemson and OSU/ OU.

    I flipped to the TTU/ KSU game, frowned, and flipped back.

    Quote Originally Posted by chattownmocs View Post
    Grass is a disaster. He has 2 senior RBs and he brought in an auburn reject to be his starter. It's sad how in shambles your roster is right now. And it happened so quickly. Pathetic. I guess you should expect it from a career high school coach. Who btw, underachieved in high school. What a loser.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    OT, but JSU, I like your location. Be sure to leave some room for those SoCon officials too!

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    I personally focus more on the NFL and find all levels of college football (aka the NFL's minor league farm system) a pleasant Saturday diversion. I've really only gotten into college football in the last 10 years (though I followed it some, albeit only at the DI-A level, when I was growing up in the 1980s), whereas with the NFL I've followed it without any interruption since 1981.

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    Re: Anyone here watch only FCS games?

    Only time I watch any FBS team is when the are playing an FCS team. I do not think I have watched a bowl game in 30-40 years.

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