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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    Quote Originally Posted by catamount man View Post
    Sad news. Cam had to have a leg removed today. Cannot imagine what that would feel like to an 18 year old that has signed to play college football. Prayers and well wishes. I am almost certain WCU will still honor this kid's scholarship. Man........
    Oh, no. So sorry......

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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    That's a bad deal. Cancer sucks. The Army of Northern Virginia was never defeated. It merely wore itself out whipping the enemy.
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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    Career is over before it got really started. Cancer is a menace to pretty everyone afflicted with it, directly or indirectly.
    Ivy League Football: Since the latter half of the 20th century, slowly self-destructing to become irrelevant in the scene that they used to dominate, not too many fans among the younger generations, rusting their potentials in the process.
    Before, I liked a lot about Harvard football. Now, not so much. They are the main perpetrators of why Ivy League football has lost its popularity and it may never go back to what it used to be.

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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    Prayers up to this young brotha! I couldn't imagine what he or his family is going through right now.

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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    very sad news......hopefully WCU will still let him go to school and get his degree....
    1-AA is tops!!

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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    Quote Originally Posted by catamount man View Post

    Man, this is sad. Prayers and well wishes for this young man and hope he and his family can overcome this. It's not even about wearing the purple and gold right now, it's about his life being saved. Keep fighting Cam.
    God thats awful. Saying a prayer for him right now
    Yeah our stadium is a dump. But your mama has season tickets.

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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    A message to Cam from his Catamount teammates, coaches and fellow Catamount student-athletes.

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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    Such terrible news, definitely will be praying for him.

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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    The Bear Nation is praying for him. Too young.

    If cancer affects anyone you know, then please donate to FormerPokeCenter's Ride to cure cancer. I believe he has a thread here somewhere.

    Cuck Fancer. Seriously.
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    Re: Incoming WCU signee Cam Brown battling bone 18.

    #TeamSuperCam: Brown Update

    Posted on June 30, 2017 by FloridaMatmen Leave a comment
    So good morning.
    Yesterday, Florida High 2017 graduate Cam Brown, a two-time state medalist for the Seminole wrestlers and all-state footballer, had surgery on his left leg, where the surgeons removed the leg two inches above his knee, to fight the growth of osteosarcoma there.
    According to the Team Super Cam Facebook page, a prosthetic device should fit him well. He’s out of recovery and in his hospital room and will be able to eat today. Hopefully he’ll be able to be home before July 4th.
    In the meantime, there is a fundraiser for Cam scheduled for Saturday, July 29th (that’s four Saturdays from tomorrow, if you read this on the 30th of June), from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Rockhill Missionary Baptist Church in Tallahassee. More details are on the attached flyer below.
    As my #trackdad responsibilities will have come to a close for the summer by that point, in fact I will not even have parental responsibilities on that day with my son up north with his mother, I am going to take my crabby car — which has decided to become temperamental these past two weeks, what with the lovely weather we’ve been having — and come out to this event.
    I think you should make plans, too. Hopefully, I will see a large contingent of the north Florida wrestling community in attendance.


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