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    Columbia Future Schedules

    Non-Conference Games Through 2022:

    2017: Georgetown, Marist, Wagner
    2018: Georgetown, Marist, Central Connecticut
    2019: Georgetown, St. Francis, Central Connecticut
    2020: Georgetown, Wagner, Central Connecticut
    2021: Georgetown, Marist, Central Connecticut
    2022: Marist, two TBA
    Georgetown: "We play where we do not compete, and compete where we do not play."

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    Georgetown for the next 5 seasons? This opponent will make for a boring schedule at best. But the NEC opponents pick up the slack in most seasons...
    Reason number one why I am a bandwagon fan: the Ivy League football teams are not playing at their best nationally.

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    Bagnoli taking the opposite approach from his Penn days, when he usually played one of the tougher (if not toughest) OOC schedules in the league.

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    Love to see the 4-year home and home deal between CCSU and an Ivy League program!

    Of course, it probably helps that Bagnoli is a CCSU graduate.

    Bagnoli earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education and history from Central Connecticut State in 1975. During his undergrad years, he played three seasons of varsity football. Central Connecticut State’s record during that span was 23-5.

    NEC Football Champions

    2004 - 2005 - 2009 - 2010
    2017 - FCS Playoffs

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    Wow, and I thought Lehigh had had some bad OOC schedules.

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    Was Davidson unavailable?? The Army of Northern Virginia was never defeated. It merely wore itself out whipping the enemy.
    Jubal Early Maj Genl
    Confederate States of America
    Tiocfaidh ár lá

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    Quote Originally Posted by citdog View Post
    Was Davidson unavailable??
    Doesn't Davidson have a 10 year contract w/Brevard?
    1-AA is tops!!

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    I feel slighted Columbia is only 50 miles away

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    Certainly looks like there will be no more Columbia-Colgate games. Another of Colgate's longer series seems to be at an end.

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    Re: Columbia Future Schedules

    Rumor has it that Bill O'Reilly will be new HC at Marist.
    Friends don't let friends go to Penn!

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