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    FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    Cross posting this from the JMU forum. There's likely some missing or to-be-scheduled games not on here. Let me know what those are and I'll add them.

    I like JMU's chances against East Carolina.
    Maybe UVA will fall to another Virginia FCS team in the Tribe...
    Maine @ UMASS could be interesting too.

    What's everyone think?

    August 31st:
    North Dakota vs. Utah

    September 2nd:
    James Madison vs. East Carolina
    Youngstown State vs. Pitt
    Eastern Washington vs. Texas Tech
    Central Arkansas vs. Kansas State on
    Charleston Southern vs. Mississippi State
    Montana State vs. Washington State
    Northern Iowa vs. Iowa State
    Abilene Christian vs. New Mexico
    Stephen F. Austin vs. SMU
    Incarnate Word vs. Fresno State
    Tribe vs. UVA
    Albany vs. Old Dominion
    Cal Poly vs. San Jose State

    September 7th:
    Idaho State vs. Utah State

    September 9th:
    South Dakota vs. Bowling Green
    New Hampshire vs. Georgia Southern
    Jacksonville State vs. Georgia Tech
    Delaware vs. Virginia Tech
    Indiana State vs. Tennessee
    Chattanooga vs. LSU
    Weber State vs. Cal
    Western Carolina vs. Hawaii
    Villanova vs. Temple
    Abilene Christian vs. Colorado State

    September 16th:
    Samford vs. Georgia
    Mercer vs. Auburn
    Tennessee Tech vs. Ball St.
    Colgate vs. Buffalo

    September 23rd:
    Western Illinois vs. Coastal Carolina

    November 11th:
    Maine vs. UMass

    November 18th:
    The Citadel vs. Clemson
    Mercer vs. Alabama
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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    I think Western Illinois over Coastal is the most likely. Coastal still has an FCS roster.

    South Dakota over Bowling Green wouldnt be a shocker either.
    Yeah our stadium is a dump. But your mama has season tickets.

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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    JSU over GT. Book it.

    Quote Originally Posted by chattownmocs View Post
    Grass is a disaster. He has 2 senior RBs and he brought in an auburn reject to be his starter. It's sad how in shambles your roster is right now. And it happened so quickly. Pathetic. I guess you should expect it from a career high school coach. Who btw, underachieved in high school. What a loser.

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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    How many possible upsets I can find? Around 15. This can be a great season for the scalps this season.
    Reason number one why I am a bandwagon fan: the Ivy League football teams are not playing at their best nationally.

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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    Colgate over Buffalo (September 16) is a possibility.

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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    Northern Iowa seems to have Iowa State's number.
    Friends don't let friends go to Penn!

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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivytalk View Post
    Northern Iowa seems to have Iowa State's number.
    Agreed. I would more surprised if Iowa State won then if UNI won.


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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    UND plays Utah, could be interesting.

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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    You forgot The Citadel over Clemson on 18 Nov. It could happen

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    Re: FCS Upsets Over FBS 2017

    You also forgot Western Carolina over Hawaii on September 2nd

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