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    Re: 2017 (Way Too Early) Missouri Valley Football Conference Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by GodHelpTheBears View Post
    We were ten miles away from the X on the map instead of thirty...but yeah, we improved.

    I don't see us getting back to 4-7. This year's non-con is tougher, we'll put a new starting QB out there behind a green offensive line and Dylan Cole graduated. We have good pieces, but you have to build from the lines out in this conference more than most, and other than Colby Isbell on the defensive side, we just aren't there right now.

    We might be better overall but I highly doubt our record shows it.
    Hell, just two short years ago, you beat the current BSC FB co-champs by 38, you have going for you, which is nice.

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    Re: 2017 (Way Too Early) Missouri Valley Football Conference Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Yote 53 View Post
    USD was 3-5 in conference last year with many close losses. Yotes figure out how to win those close ones this year and improve to at least 5-3 in conference this season. I'm thinking 5-3 in conference, 2-1 OOC, 7-4 overall.
    Very plausible, but looking at the Yotes schedule I would lean more towards a 4-4 record with who you have at home vs on the road. You could be a better team and end up with the same record as last year with how the schedule sets up. That last 3 game stretch in particular could be brutal as hell playing @UNI, @NDSU, then SDSU. Plus playing at ISUr and WIU that's not an easy schedule by a long shot. I personally give you guys a better shot at beating Bowling Green than going 5-3 in conference the more I think about it. If I was betting I would go with 6-5 or 5-6 for the yotes. Not a huge difference besides the playoffs though.

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    Re: 2017 (Way Too Early) Missouri Valley Football Conference Predictions

    YSU drops next season. Lose too many top players. They have one more season with Wolfs last class and then reality sets in. I'd rate SDS and NDS at the top. ILS and then a toss up with YSU and UNI. However waiting to see if more top BCS transfers come in. H.S. Recruits were down again, so we will see
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    Re: 2017 (Way Too Early) Missouri Valley Football Conference Predictions

    Just doing a quick glance at our schedule, my best guesses at this point...

    In conference:
    Wins - South Dakota, Missouri State, Indiana State, Southern Illinois
    Losses - Northern Iowa, North Dakota State, South Dakota State
    Toss-up - Illinois State

    That would put us either 5-3 or 4-4 in the conference. We have USD, MSU, and SIU all at home. SDSU is also at our place, but with the talent they have coming back, I don't see us beating them.
    On the road at UNI and NDSU which will both be tough (although we've had luck against UNI at their place, and they've had some coaching problems lately, so I think we have a decent chance there). Illinois State is away, but we usually have a good crowd there since it's so that's a toss-up for me.

    Out of conference, we play three away games, one should be winnable (Tennessee Tech), one should be a close one (Northern Arizona), and one should be pretty tough...probably a loss (Coastal Carolina). We beat NAU by 14 last year, but that was at our place, so this time it'll be "at altitude" (almost 7k feet above sea level) and in their dome, so it could be much closer, although I still see us winning.

    5-3 in conference, plus 2-1 OOC...looks like about a 7-4 record optimistically, although 6-5 or 5-6 are definitely possible if things don't swing our way in a couple of games.
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    Re: 2017 (Way Too Early) Missouri Valley Football Conference Predictions

    My early spring top 5:

    Ill State

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