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    Re: The List Of AGS Poll Perfection-2016

    Quote Originally Posted by clenz View Post
    black and gold?

    Gross. Hawkeye colors.

    Now I have to deal with Hawkeye colors for two years or intentionally move to Bison colors. Also gross.

    Oh well.

    Thanks for all the work Troy, and team. The poll committee seems like it's truly the worst/most thankless "job" on AGS.
    Shouldn't you be more concerned with Grambling State colors?
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    Re: The List Of AGS Poll Perfection-2016

    Every year I say I will retire. Then you go and pile on another incentive. Damn you! But still love you.
    "The Spiders are legit"

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    Re: The List Of AGS Poll Perfection-2016

    Haha, one year I'll make it! Just glad to participate in this poll!
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    Re: The List Of AGS Poll Perfection-2016

    Lost my perfection this year. I'll get it back next year. Great job voters on a great year.

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    Re: The List Of AGS Poll Perfection-2016

    Outstanding poll management as usual Ursus, thanks for doing it and making it fun!

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    Re: The List Of AGS Poll Perfection-2016

    All Hail the best poll. I gotta jump back in, but it is all or nothing.

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    Re: The List Of AGS Poll Perfection-2016

    The newest bars have been implemented. Christ you people keep me up late sometimes!
    "At Georgia Southern, we don't cheat.......That costs money and we don't have any."
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